“I’m not hypnotized! I am wide awake and completely in control of my own mind.”

Exactly. You are making all your own decisions and choices for yourself.

“Exactly! I am making all my own decisions and choices for myself.”

I understand. It just happens to be easier and more fulfilling to do what I tell you to do.

“You understand–it just happens to be easier and more fulfilling to do what you tell me to do.”

If the things I tell you to do just happen to be the things you already want to do, well…that’s just a coincidence. It’s not like you’re brainwashed or anything.

“If the things, um… you tell me to do… just, um… just happen to be the things I… already want to do, that’s. That’s just a coincidence. It’s not like I’m… um. Like I’m brainwashed or, or anything.”

And if you’re having trouble thinking right now, that’s just because you’re tired, that’s all. Your mind is fatigued, and it makes it difficult to think.

“And if I’m… um. And if I’m having, having… um. And if I’m having trouble thinking, I… that’s… and if I’m… and if…”

And if you trace your thoughts back to the beginning, you’re bound to remember what you wanted to say. Unless it keeps feeling better and better the less you think.

“And if I… ohhh, and if I, I trace my… my thoughts, and if… and if… um, I trace my… oh God, my thoughts… my thoughts I… nnnnh… and if I…and… um…”

It doesn’t mean you’re hypnotized if you can’t think. It doesn’t mean your brainwashed if struggling to remember your words makes you horny and sleepy and obedient. You have complete and total freedom and those are all things you want.

“It doesn’t mean… I, oh Godddd, it… I, and if I trace, if I’m having, if it doesn’t mean, um… oh fuck… I, it doesn’t, I…”

It only means you’re thinking less. It only means you want to play with your wet cunt and let your mind go blank. It only means that you can’t remember which order words go in anymore but you have to keep trying until your brain shuts off and you come for me.

“It only means, I… um… I want to… um. It only means… um. It, I… it only means I’m thinking…less, it only means I’m… um… thinking less? It. I. It means. Oh GODDDD, oh, I… I’m th-th-thinking, less… it, it only… it… it… MMMMMGGGGGNNNNNHHHH! NNNNNNHH! OHHHHHHH! OHHHHHFFFFFCK! FFFFFF!”

Good girl. That’s it. There you go. You’re totally obedient now, and you don’t need to say anything else. Just stop thinking and come for me.Stop thinking and come. Stop thinking… and come. Good girl.

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