Abi didn’t know how long she’d been like this, but then again, Abi didn’t care. All that mattered was that she stare at the screen and listen closel as her mind was being reprogrammed.

That was okay with her. She liked being brainwashed because brainwashing was super hot, plus it made her wet.

Her ex-boyfriend Ben knew this as well. He would occasionally walk up behind her and pump his dick into her drooling cunt for a few minutes before going back to his bedroom to play with his other new toys.

“Not long now!” he chuckled as he spurted into her. “Then the real fun begins.”

Ben’s program was being super helpful telling her what to think. Previously she had cherished having a mind of her own, but very recently learned that this meant that she wasn’t happy. Abi desperately wanted to be happy, just like Ben’s other toys. She could hear them giggling and moaning in the bedroom.

She couldn’t wait to show them how happy she was now.

Author notes: Another foray into the world of Photoshop. Spiral gif is from The original picture is of Sofi A, AKA Sofie, AKA Sofia, although I can’t find the exact original online (I save literally hundreds of images every day from various sources) but have linked to a gallery where the image is a part.

Nice work, @sanescientist!