“Mom? Mom what… why are you doing that to Jimmy the neighbors son?”

Her mom didn’t answer, she only kept sucking the boys bug cock.


She showed no sign that she even heard her daughter.

“Jimmy, you fucking creep, What did you do to my Mom?”

Jimmy laughed. “I hypnotized her and turned her into my mindless fuck pet.”

“No! You can’t! You won’t get away with this!”

He laughed again. “Yes. I can. And I already did.”

The girl balled her hands up into fists. “When my dad gets home he’s going to kick your ass!”

“Oh, but he’s already need home! I hypnotized him to. From now on all he’s going to do is go to work to earn money to support you three, but all the food and do all the cooking along with the house work. Other than that he’ll just sit in the basement and stare at the wall.”

The girl gasped in horror. “Then… Then I’ll stop you!”

He smiled at her. “Will you? Are you sure? Maybe I already hypnotized you to.”

“What? Impoosible!”

“Oh really? Look down.”

She did and gasped. She hasn’t noticed it but she’d lifted her shirt up, exposing her tits. And her jeans were open, one of her hands down the front and playing with her pussy.“

“No!” She said, then started to shudder and moan as she made herself cum.

“Oh yes,” he said. “Your little family home is now my own personal pleasure palace.”