“Look this is a dumb science fair project,” Anna said shaking her head at the nerd that she had gotten paired with. Trevor was smart, but the project was still a dumb idea and if he wasn’t going to help her get an ‘A’ on the project then what was the point of being his partner? If she was going to fail this because he wanted to do some make-believe hypnotism crap then she could have just been Mark’s partner since at least Mark was hot.

Trevor shook his head and fiddled with the lights that he had plugged into his computer, “No, no. Look this could be huge. If we can find the right frequency of light and the right pattern we could revolutionize therapy. Imagine being able to tap into someone’s subconscious mind in a way that even hypnosis doesn’t allow for. We could cure smoking addictions and that’s just to start.”

“You know the other groups are just growing bread mold in their fridge, we don’t need to cure anything,” she said. This class was going to bring down her GPA, why hadn’t she taken Earth Science instead that was supposed to be the easy science credit at their college.

Trevor didn’t answer instead he kept fiddling with the wires. Suddenly the lights flashed on. Anna blinked as they blinded her. She heard Trevor say something about starting the program and as she opened her eyes she noticed the lights flashing in a dazzling pattern. It hurt at first, even with her eyes closed she could see the lights flashing in a pattern.

“See at first the lights should cause the subject to not be able to look away,” Trevor said. 

Anna nodded as she opened her eyes again. She could look away anytime she wanted. She was sure she could. But she wanted to see this stupid project crash and burn so she just kept looking at the lights.

“Next the subject becomes disassociated with their body,” Trevor said. 

Anna was vaguely aware that someone was touching her breasts and then pulling down her pants. It didn’t really matter though, she was going to see this stupid light show break down and then she’d laugh at Trevor and find a new partner.

“Now at this point the subject becomes very open to suggestion. Undress completely except your bra and panties,” Trevor said. Anna would have rolled her eyes, but didn’t want to look away from the lights. She might miss something if she did. But to get Trevor to leave her alone she undressed.

“Now a few more flashes and the subject will enter a completely open state, perfect for deep mental manipulation. Or what they’d call brainwashing in a comic book,” Trevor said.

The lights continued flashing and then suddenly it was dark. Dreamless.

Anna opened her eyes to find herself kneeling in Mark’s basement apartment, wearing only her bra and panties. Realizing that wasn’t right she stood up, and removed her bra and panties.

Then she went to find her Master.