anyway jeff bezos could eradicate homelessness. he could literally give each homeless person 100k and it would only take less than .5% of his entire wealth. what the actual god giving fuck

Why do you think they deserve it

Well shelter is a basic need, and would at the very least allow them a place where they can get back on their feet. Food water and shelter are necessary for a healthy body and psychology. There’s also the fact that they’re people too, and a little help goes a long way in making a decent community. There’s plenty of reasons

Yeah they need stuff, but why does every homeless person deserve 0.5% of someone’s income

You have five hundred apples, and just one day to eat them all. 

You pass by a small crowd of hungry children, and decide you’d rather 455 apples go rotten than give them to some snotty brat who isn’t your problem.

It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve worked for your 500 apples, or that you aren’t the parent of any of those kids. in the moment you decide to walk away, it doesn’t matter why they’re hungry, or who owes who what.

You had the opportunity to help people, you had the ability to help people, you had the resources to help people. You had everything you needed to make a small, tiny little difference in someone’s life, and you decided not to.

What are you going to buy in your lifetime that’s worth more to you than your own humanity?

Also: you don’t deserve more apples than you could eat before they rot. No one does. No one can, because from the perspective of the owner there’s no difference between 500 apples and 50. The maximum amount of apples anyone can theoretically deserve is the maximum amount of apples they can get any use or pleasure out of–beyond that, it stops mattering if they have more apples. Apples cease to have meaning as a reward or a measure of what they deserve.

That’s Jeff Bezos’ wealth. It has no meaning. There is literally nothing a private individual can do with $124.3 billion that they couldn’t do with $123.6 billion.So he cannot and does not deserve the excess, any more than someone can deserve more apples than it’s possible to enjoy.

The homeless, meanwhile, do not deserve to die, and therefore do deserve what they need to not die, to wit, $100k of Jeff Bezos’ money each. So on the one hand we have someone who doesn’t deserve what he has, and on the other a group of people who do deserve what he has.

The solution is obvious.