Katie stopped to pose while her boyfriend whipped out his phone to snap a pic. She loved having her picture taken — a fact Katie would routinely deny with a giggle and a nonsensical “ohmygawd thats so gay shut up” before striking an effortlessly sexy form.

She loved the attention. That’s why she always showed a little bit more skin, wore a little bit more makeup, dressed a little bit sexier, than other girls. And if you held her down and tickled her, she’d confess that all that attention turned her on.

Of course it was nowhere as extreme as the other day when she was Candy, a dumb blonde with big tits.

Or when she was Mary, the stay-at-home MILF who walked around in lululemon 24-7.

Or when she was Katherine, the responsible and professional woman who was pissed that her fiance spent $10,000 on a so-called universal remote.

Wait what?

Katie shook her head and smiled for her boyfriend. Selfie time!