Dear Penthouse-But-For-Trans-Girls Letters,








I never thought it could happen to me.

I was having lunch with a friend, and she let drop that she’s kinky. I said I was too, and she asked me how I felt about a couple different things, and then mentioned that she’s a certified hypnotist.

And now she’s going to be taking me to a one-day interested-newbies intensive class the local hypnokink group is putting on and has promised to hypnotize me and we’ve been flirting in DMs basically nonstop all day.


Happily Flustered

This is her. This is what I’m having to deal with.

Just a little bit, yes? ^_^;;;

Hoping for my big break one daayyy~

This isn’t my “big break,” we’re both just looking for play partners, not relationships/primaries.

Which tbh is I think the way to go? Don’t wait for your big break, just get yourself out there. (Yes I am aware of how hard that is, BELIEVE me, it took me to the age of 36 and figuring out I’m a subby lesbian trans girl, not a cishet male dom.)

Oh, my. You lucky thing, Jenny. Lucky, lucky thing. Enjoy!

I am enjoying! 😀 And aware of how lucky I am. <3

Heh, congrats!

Thankee. :3