“I’m reluctant,” Martia mumbled, staring down at the impossibly voluptuous beauties. Her boat rocked slightly. The witch knew she had to be careful of that—she had been rowing for quite some time, and the rocking was starting to lull her to sleep.

“Ooh, don’t be reluctant!” chanted the two strange maidens. They stood waist-deep in the shallow water, though the tide was rapidly coming in around their little sandbar. Deeper in the water stood an enormous oyster shell, currently wide open. Like a great old beartrap.

“I… I am.” The witch bit her lip, trying to ‘subtly’ adjust her hardening cock beneath her robes. “You two are quite lovely—” She ignored the way they swooned at this, “—but I see the terrible trap behind your lovely forms, and I really can’t afford to be caught inside it right now.”

Their eyes sparkled. So did the interior of the oyster.

“We would never trap you!” cooed the left woman, running her hand down her impossibly smooth, supple form. She nibbled playfully on the almost comically minimal bra strap.

“Do you not want to have fun?” asked the right woman, her feline ears twitching. “Fun with us?”

“Um…” What was that strange silvery light behind them? The nacre interior of the oyster shell glimmered brilliantly in the sunset. “Well, honestly, yes, but—”

“Then do!” they squealed together.

“We are so much fun,” cooed the cat-eared woman, kissing her partner.

“And so soft,” cooed the woman with the bow in her hair, kissing the cat-eared woman back.

“Y-yeah, but…” Martia’s eyelids fluttere.d Fuck, she was tired. And it was a long way to shore. “I should really… I don’t know.”

They giggled at this.

“When in doubt,” sang the cat-eared woman.

“Don’t choose the hard way!” sang the bow woman.

Choose the soft way,” they sang together.

Martia rubbed her eyes as the light sparkled. The boat rocked, back and forth, like a cradle.

“Y-yeah, okay,” she mumbled. She then frowned. “Wait, what did I just—”

She realized she was waist-deep in the water now. Her robes were drenched, but the squealing beauties were only too happy to relieve her of that and—

Oh, fuck. They were



Her member slid into the cat-eared woman’s slick pussy as easy as a knife through butter. Behind her, she felt the bow-wearing woman’s enormous breasts pressing softly against her back. They wrapped their arms around her, cooing with delight.

They sandwiched her in. She let out a moan, eyes fluttering. That pussy was practically like a second mouth, and her mind was scattering into iridescent light. She couldn’t think.

She couldn’t even tell them apart anymore. Had one of them had cat ears a moment ago? Who could say? It was all melting into soft, squishy… pleasure.

“So nice,” cooed the one.

“So soft,” cooed the other.

“Soft,” Martia whined,

They giggled.

Soft,” they agreed, bathing her in supple, soothing kisses. Martia’s whole body was relaxing, and after a whole day’s rowing, this relaxation was an almost unbearable relief. It was like turning into goo.

They started to work Martia’s hips between them, sliding her in and out of the one’s slick, tight cunt. Martia gasped and mewled with every thrust, but she was too relaxed to even contribute. She just accepted the affections in half-mindless delight.

Martia’s breasts pressed against the one’s own massive pillowy tits, as the other squeezed them, stroked them, cooed sweet nonsense in Martia’s ears that made Martia’s mind melt into a puddle.

Martia’s brain was getting so soft. So squishy and pliant. A blissful smile lay on her face, her eyes half-closed in ecstasy.

“No trap,” they cooed in her ears, and she just moaned, panting, face flushed, unable to even comprehend, let alone argue. “No trap for our soft, pretty girl.”

“Soft,” Martia mewled.

“Soft,” they agreed, beaming. “Soft and squishy and wet.”

Martia’s cock was starting to throb intensely. She was panting as they slowly moved her mindless, lusty body towards the oyster shell. Her mind was awash in softness, and in brilliant, pearlescent light.

She started cumming as they lowered her inside, still sandwiched between their softness. She moaned and screamed into their supple, wet kisses. They planted kisses over her until she couldn’t tell sunlight from the glowing, flashing lights of the oyster’s interior.

And as they swapped positions, burying her in the one’s tits as the other buried Martia’s cock between hers, Martia’s whole mind began to melt into a nice, squishy mess for them.

Woe to he or she that encounters the pearl sprites on a hunt for a new plaything. Once brought into their shell, a pair of pearl sprites can keep their new pets alive and young for hundreds of years, if not longer, pouring endless pleasure—and endless hypnotic light from the shell—into their nice, squishy minds.

When they at last grow bored, and release their old plaything to seek out a new one, the unlucky ex-pet will usually seek out some particularly mischievous mermaids and offer herself up. At that point, it’s all she knows.