NO! Not you! Not the….the

Go on dear, finish your sentence.


That’s right my little kitty.

How…did you find…me…

With my skills it doesn’t take long to find someone I’m looking for.

What…do you want…with me…

Isn’t it obvious? I want you.


I‘m sure you’ve heard the horror stories about me, about what I do to pretty women like yourself. How I make them obey my every command as I fuck them mindless.


Talk normally unless told otherwise.


Those stories are all true my dear.

Oh god.

Tell me Black Cat. Do you want to be my mindless sex toy?


Yes you do.

NO! I don—Do I?

Yes. You want it so very much.

Yes. I want to be your mindless sex toy.

Then let’s begin.

Yes Purple Man.

Call me Master for starters.

Yes Master.