It was quite difficult to put everything back in order in the 20 years after You-Know-Who was defeated. It was the guerrilla warfare, waged by wizards of immense power. Chasing down the remnants of the old regime was dangerous and exhausting.

Eventually, a few of the Death Eaters found hiding in the Muggle world preferable to being chased down by Aurors. The wizarding world, for the most part, keeps to itself, and so it wasn’t unreasonable to think a low profile would keep us off the hunt.

Inevitably, we found them. Dark Wizards’ disdain for the Muggle world led to almost complete unfamiliarity with it, and they always drew far too much attention to themselves. One only needed to scour the Internet to find experiences that couldn’t easily be explained. While cleaning up the evidence from a Trafalgar Square’s full of smartphones was time-consuming, it was well worth it to bring to justice the wizards who caused so much pain.

The times that keep you up at night are when we were too late. Jo here has been under Imperio for so long that she no longer can function without it. Sending her to St. Mungo’s still wouldn’t get her back.

As Unforgivable Curses go, it could be worse. Even with no will, she couldn’t be happier. And after a hard day, I look forward to letting Jo relieve my tension. It’s made my work better, really. Perhaps Imperio isn’t necessarily as bad as we have been taught. Maybe it just needs to be used in the right hands.

I should talk to Ms. Granger about using Imperio strategically. Humanely. Responsibly. I’m sure she would come around to my way of thinking.

Inspired by feministbimbowannabe’s recent little HP posts.