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Speech restrictions, renaming, forbidden words, forced speech patterns, corrupted grammar, …

I can’t be the only one!

I think this post has some kinda virus attached to it. Ever sinse I reblogged it my phone auto correct has gotten dumberer.

My broad vokabulary, propper gramar, and accurite speling are the most notiseable way I can communycate my intelligance and edukation to an online audiense.

But now my fone keeps changing my words and won’t let me fix them. Sumtimes it’s just wrong spellyng but other tines it well just use a cumpletely diffident worm.

And thus is a big problum cuz you all don’t know nothing else about me. My intire identitty on here is how I communicock, and peeple wool make asshump shuns about my identittie bassed on my spelling and grammar.

Jizz look at what my fone is dooing to this post! Does thus look like it wass posted by a smart, professhunil woman who just happins to have a bunch of fetishes around cuntrolling other peoples boddys and mines? Do U beelive me when I say that’s the case? Or do you start to wonder? This looks like it was wrote by a brian fryed cum bukket, dussint it? Admit it. If you diddnt no more better, you’d think I was just anothur dummy cock edicted pair of tits. Witch is totally not the case. But what good is a smart mynd if its lokked up like a subby slut behind a bimbo filter?

So, like, this is a warming to mebbe not spread this post around cuz talkin about bean perceifed as a idiot is making me horny and I think that the virus may not bee in my fone…

*giggle* Like totes wut she sed.