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Jinx looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, making sure she looked perfect. Obviously she always did, thanks to her transformation, but it was always nice for her to see herself like this.

She stepped out of the bathroom and onto the convention floor. These geeky costume conventions were the only places she could go out in and feel 100% herself without taking too many odd stares. Yes, she was complimented many times on her “costume”. If only they knew. The only thing preventing her from blowing things up were her Masters harsh command not to harm anyone physically. 

She pouted shortly knowing that, but she perked up instantly as she held up and caressed the remote in her hand. Her Master-Owner-Creator-God had entrusted her with the device that created her in the first place and had told her very specific instructions. She giggled with excitement as she looked around for her first target.

Stepping out from a stall beside her, Jinx spotted a obvious magic user. Or at least someone dressed like one. She skipped up to her and said “Hi. Would you mind posing for me?” The girl was clearly annoyed being talked to just as she exited the bathroom but struck a pose.

Jinx quickly lifted the remote pointing it at the costumed girl and pressed the CtC button and held it in for a few seconds. Very few obvious changes happened, but Jinx could see the contact lenses in the girls eyes morph into real eye colors. The wig fusing itself into her scalp becoming her real hair.

As the girl was posing, she looked down at her hand and a small ball of raw arcane energy was suddenly forming there. The look of shock in her now lightning blue eyes registered with Jinx, that quickly moved her finger from the first button over to the Ob+ button mashing it over and over.

The look of shock and disbelief in the girls eyes vanished bit by bit with each button press and soon she just looked over to Jinx and said “What is the Masters will?” Jinx replied “Without anyone noticing, go see him as soon as you can.” The girl snuffed out the spell in her hand and walked back around into the bathroom stall again. Jinx could swear she heard some kind of teleport spell being channeled for a few seconds and then there was nothing.

Jinx felt the arousal and mini orgasm as soon as the teleport was complete. She had done well and had earned her reward. She looked around in excitement for a new target. So many choices, so little time, she thought as she skipped further into the convention center.