It could have been hours, days or seconds. She could simply not remember.

What she did remember was coming home to her looser boyfriend after a day of hard work and screaming at him for not cleaning up the place and only sitting there playing games all day.

Usually he was apologetic and meek but that day he shone with confidence as he just turned around in his computer chair pointing some new, strange remote at her. Before she could even open her mouth again everything went black.

She remembers spending the rest of that day as a robotic maid, with her mind still screaming profanities within its virus safe folder. Only once, due to him pressing the wrong button, did she regain control over her metallic limbs one last time. It was such a surprise to her she failed to do anything about it before he pressed another button.

Now she was stuck like this. Frozen in place as a half naked version of some of his stupid video game characters. A really bad thing about her condition was that he had taken her name from her. She kept referring to herself as She, cause as soon as she thought of herself as “me” that stupid character name popped up in her head. Worse, he had already removed his name from her mind and replaced it with Master. So she just kept thinking of him as Him, and not in terms of his name. That seemed to work.

The door to the room opened up in front of her and Ma…NO! He stepped in. What shocked her almost enough to think of his name was the person following him. Her own sister. Or former sister? She just got this feeling it was her sister. But the way she walked and more specifically looked at him, it was clear her mind was no longer in control.

He just smiled at both of them, as her turned around, pointed the infernal remote at her sister and….

This…. thing stood where her sister stood a second ago. She did not realize how fast and instant the transformation was. It was like a channel got swapped on a screen. One second, her sister looking like a lovestruck puppy at him, the next this weird long eared thing stood before him. It fell to its knees quickly, bowing its head in servitude. 

He turned away from his new slave towards her, grinning from ear to ear. He must have learned much more about the remote while away, cause he pressed a number of buttons rapidly. She felt her chest inflate just before her mind became these imaginary soap bubbles popping into nothingness removing her memories and her self with them. As the last of her mind popped out of existence her body shook in orgasmic bliss as finally it could be whatever its owner and Master could be.

Jinx sprawled on the floor after another exhausting orgasm from the Master. He was already pounding Teharissa Kelxina from behind, his lust insatiable. Jinx just felt a wave of happiness and giddyness as her orgasm died down, letting her think again.

To think that her former mindset had been opposed to this…. well, existence. Jinx used to be just imaginary but her Master had created her out of that imaginary existence into a real one so despite her desperate need to blow things up, she could not simply abandon the commands of her creator. So she stayed, gladly, as his sex slave for now, at least until he changed them again.

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