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Jinx realized quickly that standing in the large open area did 1. Cause a lot of people to walk up to her and comment on how good her costume was, and 2. Never giving her enough alone time with someone to use the remote on them. So she retreated to the more quiet, off beat areas of the convention where she spotted someone in a costume looking a bit like her slave sister Teharissa, standing talking on the phone with someone.

Jinx sneaked up behind her, held up the remote and without even saying a word pressed the CtC button. This time, the changes were much more profound. The elfs breasts ballooned outwards, while her clothing minimized itself around the new orbs. Her hair flowed down even more as her body shot up a full foot taller. The phone in her hand simply faded away from existence, as obviously elves did not have phones. Lastly, her eyes glowed a permanent green.

The now elf in front of Jinx looked down at herself, surprised, and muttering something in elvish. Jinx had not learned enough of the language from 


to make out any specific words, but the shock in her voice was obvious. As Jinx began to click the Ob+ button as much as she could the elf turned around to face her. The look in her eyes went from shock, to fear, to anger and lastly into blank obedience.

As Jinx commanded the new slave back to their Master, the elf simply slid into a more shadowy part of the empty hallway, and seemingly melted into said shadows before vanishing from sight. Jinx moved happily on, pleased that everything had gone so smoothly so far.