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Jinx wandered for a bit outside the convention center looking for more targets. That was when she spotted her arch nemesis. Well, not technically. She spotted someone dressed up as her arch nemesis. Carefully sneaking up next to her, she pointed the remote at her and pressed down hard on the CtC button. 

As she released the button she understood two things. One, she may have been pressing the button next to the CtC button as well that was labeled Slut when aiming it. Two, she probably did that to the elf girl as well without thinking about it.

While thinking about this, the Caitlyn before her morphed rather heavily. Her modest chest blossomed. Her skirt rode upwards showing off as much skin as it possibly could. Jinx then pressed the Ob+ button quickly and it only took three clicks before the person in front of her pulled down her sunglasses seductively showing her devotion in her eyes.

However, Caitlyn did say “You didn’t think this one through at all, did you?”. Now Jinx was confused as to what was going on, until she heard the sharp deep voice from behind her “What did you do to her?” 

Turning around, she was confronted by a very large woman with mousey brown hair, in sweatpants and a *I love nerds* T-shirt. By the look in her eyes, she had seen the hole thing and was close to panicking. 

Thankfully, the Master had thought of this eventuality and instructed Jinx accordingly. Raising the remote quickly, she punched the large red button in the center labeled RNDM. The girl opened her mouth to scream, but her entire being just vanished from existence. Jinx even felt the draft as the air got sucked into the space the girl had previously occupied. 

A second later, another small poof came from the same spot, as a half naked figure appeared. She seemed somewhat elvish in nature but far from it as well. Her strange garments however did remind Jinx of that of a slave, so she was not too much surprised as the new girl fell onto her knees in a submissive position before her.

From behind Jinx she could hear the scoffing “Oh Jinx. Always a happy trigger finger. Good thing for you the Master gave you a way out or there would be a lot of trouble right now.”

Jinx spun around, remote in had, holding a finger over the big red button aiming right at Caitlyns forehead. The look of panic and surprise on Caitlyns face was a big point of pleasure for Jinx and she would remember that face for as long as she existed. But for the life of her, she could not press the finger down on the button.

That is when she heard her Masters voice, as clear as when he said it the first time. “Do not, under any circumstances, harm me or your fellow slaves.”. The words echoing inside Jinx head before lowering the remote to have a look around so that nobody else saw them. This time, nobody seemed to be anywhere nearby. Both Jinx and Caitlyn breathed a sigh of relief. 

Caitlyn said “I guess that settles that then. I will take miss slave elf over there back to the Owner, while you get some more. I still think you were not thinking things through just targeting me though.”

“How so?” asked Jinx still perplexed at this entire situation. “Isn’t it obvious?” Caitlyn responded. “From now on, you have to share our Master with your arch nemesis. Side by side.”

As Jinx face palmed loudly, Caitlyn led the slave girl into a nearby little brush. As Jinx stopped covering her face, she could hear the feint sound of the recall she so often used to do in the game before the Owner created her in the real world. She looked around for anyone else coming up to investigate but there was nobody else around. 

After the sound ended, she peaked into the brush to see that they were both gone and noticed the little donut sitting on the ground. Reaching for it to pick it up, she halted herself just in time before touching it as she also spotted the steel trap that would have snapped shut if she had picked up the donut.

Carefully she did not touch it and tried to think of ways to maim and get revenge on Caitlyn for trying such an obvious bait at her. But whenever such a thought tried to get into her mind, it just shifted itself into one where they were both on their knees sucking off their Master. Jinx moaned again, knowing what was waiting for her when she got back home, she quickly made her way to aquire some more slaves for Master.

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