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After the last accident Jinx did not wish to have a repeat of that, so going back into the convention center she snuck away into one of the more deserted areas again. This time she found a large empty room, probably used for some boring stuff usually but it would be her fun room.

Taking a marker pen from a board, and the backside of a sign, she wrote “Free Pizza!” and a large arrow. She put the sign in the hallway just outside the door with the arrow pointing into the room. Then she sat down on one of the comfy chairs and waited.

The first girl that came through had some kind of officer uniform on her, still clearly a costume, but Jinx still hated that kind of character, no matter where they were from, so with three quick blasts of CtC, Slut and ob+, the girl was only happy to serve the Master.

Jinx did love the girls hair though so before sending her off she just had to run her fingers through it. The other slave girl seemed to like it as she shivered a bit as their skin touched. 

The next girl that wandered in seemed to be in a costume that covered up everything about her in a thick winter coat. Jinx could not understand how anyone could ever survive, even less be willing to wear that many layers of clothing no matter that it was a warm summers day.

It took her only a single push of the ob+ button for the girl to fall onto her knees, eyes glazed over, but it took five presses of the slut button to remove all that clothing and finally get her into something MUCH more comfortable. Her formerly little fake gadget seemed to have come alive as well as if it was real but it was clear that the slut button had its effects on it as well as it quickly buried itself inside the pussy of the newly minted slave.

In a mist of ice and snow, the girl orgasmed herself away from the room as if teleporting in her own special way. Jinx had to brush off some snow off her shoulder since she did not want to catch a cold, no matter how easy her owner could fix that.

After this, Jinx could hear two girls about to walk in chatting to each other. This time Jinx knew what to do, and pressed the RNDM button aimaing for both of them as they came into the room. To her surprise both of them vanished from existence for a second, she had been sure she needed to press the button twice, but as they both returned, naked, with gorgeous long hair and thin butterfly wings fluttering behind them, she knew she had made the right decision.

The two human sized fey creatures began rubbing their bodies against each other before going invisible but Jinx could still hear them as they walked out of the room, hopefully flying back to the Master as soon as they could. 

Then Jinx felt a tug inside her mind. Her creator/owner/Master/lover had called upon her to return. She recalled as fast as she could, teleporting herself into her Masters presence. She could feel the arousal now building up inside of her. She had done good. There was going to be a reward.

An hour later, Jinx sprawled herself over the bed. Every single of of the new slaves she had helped create had eaten her out until they came. Jinx had taken no small amount of glee as Caitlyn had to do that, their eyes glaring at each other for that entire run. But Jinx could not cum herself. and her body had this built up sexual energy that just needed to get out.

Then Master stepped up after the elf had passed out on the floor in her own orgasm. He just looked approvingly down at Jinx and that was all she thought she needed. Then the Masters cock entered her sore pussy and Jinx came in an instant. But he kept pushing himself in and out of her, and the deeper he went, the more powerful her orgasm became, never truly subsiding. Her mind kept riding the wave after wave after wave of excitement but her mind was made for this, so she kept herself awake for the entire thing. 

After ten minutes of hard pounding, Master pulled out of her but she kept riding the orgasm over and over, barley aware of what was going on around her. Then she saw it. The Master standing above her, holding the remote aimed at her, she came one last time. Not from the sex, but from the intense arousal inside of her that Master would change her like she changed the other slaves. She was truly happy as the magic hit her.

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