I am going to hypnotize her. I don’t know how the idea came to me, it just popped right into my head. But I read up on the internet about it and now I’m ready to make my move.

I go up to her apartment and knock on the door, taking a deep breath for confidence. I’m going to do it, hypnotize the blonde up stairs. I’m going to.

She smiles and lets me in, trustingly. She doesn’t realize what I have planned for her. I meet her eyes and act domineering, “You look tired.”

I saw it with confidence and she smiles and nods at me, repeating, “Very tired.”

My cock starts to stiffen as I realize this is definitely going to work. I try to remember what to say next. Oh yeah, something about how she feels sleepy.

“You look like you feel very sleepy,” I say.

“Hmm, so very sleepy. And very tired,” she says.

What’s next. Oh yeah, heavy.

“Your eye-lids are very heavy,” I inform her.

“Very heavy, so very heavy, sleepy and tired,” she says her voice low and smooth. 

I relax, this is going so well. I manage not to yawn, but do blink. When I open my eyes she’s still staring up into mine. Her gaze locked on mine. Good that mean’s she’s being hypnotized.

“Very sleepy Natasha,” I say.

“Very sleepy Ian, so sleepy, heavy, tired. Sinking into my eyes, relaxing as you know you’re doing so well hypnotizing me,” she said. Some of those words didn’t sound like what I’d said but maybe that was because she was so hypnotized. I relaxed more, she would be mine soon.

“On the count of three you will fall fast asleep,” I say and begin to count.

She repeats each number after me, but I delay after two. I just want to savour the moment before she falls into my power. I just want to…

“Three,” she says as she snaps her fingers. I smile, sigh and close my eyes.

I wake up between Mistresses’ legs, happy to have played her game. She enjoys it when I try to be in control. That and when I pay her rent. Also she likes it when I lick her clit.

I’m such a good boy. 

Hypnotizing her was such an excellent idea that she had.