That was all he had to say. It had taken a long time, but he was finally satisfied with the result.

First, “down” had gotten her on her knees. Just that. Still awake, still aware, still moving, just on her knees.

Another week of trancing, just an hour or so a day, and “down” got her on her knees and blank.

But that still wasn’t enough – so he toyed with posture, he toyed with facial expression, hand position, emotion; nothing satisfied him. The lips were dry, or her eyes were too confused, or her hands looked too active. Finally, he remembered what he needed, and had to laugh at his own oversight.

He had forgotten to have “down” make her horny.

Once her whole body knew what “down” was for, everything fell into place.

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Update: Found color photo at ahhpigtailgirls. Don’t always prefer color to B&W, but this time I did. I think it’s the lips, or the eyes.