Mistress is so amazing~

We spent the WHOLE day together and it was all so good. She makes me feel incredible already, and She’s barely gotten *started* brainwashing me.

She hooked me up to a light-and-sound machine for a while and it was fantastic. Just… swirling patterns of brilliant blue light and soft, insistent sounds that completely shut down my ability to form thoughts, so there truly was nothing in my head but Her words.

I also had my first taste of hypnotic amnesia! Not from the machine, I sort of remember that, this was another trance. It’s really hot knowing I don’t know what happened in that trance.

I’m just really, really happy She and I sorta stumbled onto each other. It is a bizarre stroke of luck that we ever even considered playing, and I couldn’t be happier that we did. =D

I’m also really, really tired. For a day I basically spent 80% of lying down and/or mindless, it was kind of exhausting? I didn’t even notice until just now, though.