Fairy footsteps

Vansa wasn’t sure what it was about the little fairy that made her want so badly to follow.

Maybe it was her pure white glow.

Maybe it was her long, beautiful platinum locks, which sparkled so prettily in the dim light of the Central Evergreen.

Maybe it was the way she kept flashing and spinning, her long, glistening dress twirling around her as she flew further and further into the forest, the dress flying just high enough to show a little bit of skin.

Vansa had ventured into the Evergreen to make her delivery to the Ranger Lodge—water, food, the usual. But she hadn’t expected to meet a tiny little woman who was so… beautiful.

That’s right,” the fairy cooed, dancing to and fro before Vansa’s fluttering eyes. “Just follow me. Follow me to adventure, sweetie!”

There was something strange about the fairy, definitely. That glow wasn’t normal for any fairy Vansa had ever seen. Something about it made Vansa worry. Made her mind struggle to recapture some knowledge, some concern.

But something about it also made the rest of her mind sink deeper and deeper down into that beautiful, alien glow.

“Where are we going?” the merchant mumbled, stumbling down the crunchy pine-needly-path. “The… we left the path behind us?”

She reached up to rub her eyes, but the fairy giggled, and those beautiful, echoing cadences made her hand drop back to her side. The blonde continued to follow, her head feeling like it was floating in lightning clouds. Immersed.

So dizzy.

So… dazzled.

“So compliant,” the fairy breathed, her voice as smooth and easy as falling rain. “So wonderfully entranced. That’s my little glassy-eyed toy.”

Unh… wha’?” Vansa was only half-listening. The forest seemed to be getting brighter. Greener. Her skin tingled with every step she took, warning her of danger, but those tingles went ignored beneath the buzzing pleasure of obedience.

We’re going to find a new path!” the fairy sang, zooming up to plant a tiny, ticklish little kiss on Vansa’s nose.

Vansa felt like she was floating away entirely. She felt tingly.


A better path,” the fairy continued smugly, her every word like feathers along Vansa’s skin. “And you’re gonna feel so good by the time we make it to the end.”

Vansa found her hand slipping down, petting vacantly through her skirt at her surprisingly wet pussy. She giggled, and her mind buzzed pleasantly in response.

She had a feeling her new friend was right.

The Evergreen Forest is a dangerous place, full of fey mischievous, oblivious and sometimes outright wicked—not to mention the frightening Gray Wraiths. But the Southern Evergreen, center of a terrible Verdant Cataclysm many years ago, is the most dangerous segment by far. The fey there are… different.

Few have ever entered into the heart of the Southern Evergreen and come back out again, be they fey or mortal. And those that come out are usually changed: Soul-dead husks dedicated solely to pleasing their sinister fey masters and mistresses, only back to deliver more mortal playthings back into the fey hellscape of glowing trees and mushroom kingdoms.

This was one of my first fantasies about mind control as a very young person.