Karen picked up the blinking phone, annoyed, wondering why her secretary had allowed a call to go through during her private time. “What?” she said. Her secretary replied, “It’s time for your 5 o’clock appointment, happy little slave.” Karen blinked once and then her face and body relaxed. Her eyes took on a glazed look and a tiny smile played on her lips. She took in a deep breath and sighed the word, “Understood,” before putting the phone back on its cradle.

She lazily took off her heels and then gawkily climbed onto the desk where she plopped herself down to wait for her commands. She stared vacantly into thin air, and whenever the treacherous thoughts tried to sneak back into the blissfully empty wasteland of her mind, she’d let out a little giggle and say “Happy little slaves don’t think,” and they’d retreat back to the void from whence they’d come.