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I swear it was an accident. I mean, I never thought it would actually work. How was I supppsed to know that Master PC could actually change people?

It just popped up on my laptop one day and it prompted “type name” and so I did.

And so what if I typed in my coworkers name. So sue me. It’s not illegal to have a crush, right?

Like I said, how was I supposed to know it could actually work?

I’ll confess it was pretty pervy of me to think about Sarah like that. Like what she must have looked like back in college. But something about her just oozed “slutty volleyball girl.”

I’m not the only one who sees that… right?

So anyways I just fiddled around with the settings:

High on the slutty dial…

Low on the inhibitions setting…

Favorite Hobbies: Making striptease videos and sending them to guys she likes (notably me)

And just a few minutes later who do I get on my phone but a text from Sarah.

My jaw dropped.

Master PC wasn’t just a toy… it actually worked!

Right in that moment, a single thought popped into my head:

Oh I have just got to use this on my wife next!