As you lay there at night you remember the words that helped you drift down. The way your mind focused on them, and everything else seemed to drift away. It was just a silly little show, a man in a cheap suit on stage making people cluck like chickens but the sound of his voice and the way the words made you feel remained. 

For the rest of the night your friends laughed about the show and you smiled and joined in, but your mind wasn’t focused on the silly things that the people on the stage had done. Your mind was focused on the words, and the feeling of surrender that you had felt as you listened to him and watched him taking his volunteers deep down.

How you felt relaxed, comfortable and mindless. Your friends had not noticed your vacant stare during the show, or the way you blushed when they were talking about it later.

You touch yourself at night, thinking of the words and of hypnotic surrender. 

Hypnosis arouses you, and it’s the start of a new life as you realize this is true.