i like to think he said a thing then that just drained her mind

I spoke Cynthia’s trigger over the phone and heard her inhale sharply in pleasure. Then she sighed with contented abandon and slowly began to repeat her mantra: “Mind empty. Must obey.”

I hung up and drove over to her place, stopping for groceries along the way. Walking through her door an hour later, I heard, echoing throughout the otherwise silent house, the sound of Cynthia breathy monotone still chanting the words that dominated her thoughts: “Mind empty. Must obey.”

I smiled to myself as I put the groceries away to the unseen soundtrack of obedience coming from the other room. Eventually, I made my way into her bedroom where I found her standing, already naked, still holding the cradle in her hand and the receiver to her ear. She looked entirely unperturbed by the beeping and recorded messages that emitted from the speaker, indicating that she hadn’t moved since being triggered. The words she mindlessly spoke simply issued forth from her lips with no sign that anything could interrupt her: “Mind empty. Must obey.”

I took the phone from her unresisting hands, her arms flopping bonelessly to her side as her gaze remained blank and fixated on nothing. Her mouth continued parroting the only words she knew: “Mind empty. Must obey.”

I put one hand on her back and gently turned her head to face me, her vacant eyes staring through me as she kept speaking. “Cynthia?” I said, her eyes vaguely focused onto mine as she excitedly drew in breath, “SLEEP.” Her breath whooshed from her lungs as her eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed into my arms. A dopey smile played on her lips as I lowered her onto the bed. I ordered her to begin feeling increasingly horny, but unable to move. As I listened to her slowly quickening breath, I undressed myself and walked into her bathroom. There, I smiled to myself as I heard her, without prompting, begin chanting the words that apparently made her hornier than any other: “Mind empty. Must obey.”