Marsha had been kidnapped and drugged and imprisoned in the brainwashing chamber. She had been very clever, though, and resisted the programming while making it look as though she was succumbing. After the standard 48 hours, the other slaves had come to collect her, but she bolted and the slaves were caught off-guard. She ran through the hallways seeking any means of egress. Unfortunately for her, the door she chose led to the slave quarters, where she was quickly overwhelmed. She was returned to the brainwashing chamber, her last hope of escape gone. The controllers would not take any chances of a repeat. She was left in the chamber for eight days, four times the normal slave-training regimen, with the program on maximum strength. When the slaves came to get her, her eyes were staring into empty space and she was drooling all over herself. Now, she can’t serve as a normal slave girl, because her mind can’t comprehend even the simplest of orders, but as a simple collection of holes to fuck, she functions perfectly adequately.