It took a while but June had finally decided on her new roommate and was helping her move in to what was now officially their shared apartment. Callista immediately captured June’s attention when she applied for the spare room, there was something so beguiling and charming about her that June simply forgot all of the other people who contacted her. Callista seemed to be the obvious choice, June was happy to have her as a roommate and eagerly offered to help move her stuff in.

Once the last of Callista’s things had been carried into the building and unpacked she stretched out, sighing in relief. It had been quite a lot of work and it felt good to be finished, June thought. She rested on the sofa, inhaling deeply and slowly breathing out as she relaxed and let her tense muscles loosen up after her hard work hauling those hefty boxes up the stairs. It took a few moments for her to notice Callista had taken off her shirt and was removing her bra too.

“Um, what are you doing?” June asked, feeling somewhat uncomfortable with another woman stripping right in front of her, despite how beautiful her body was….supple skin, curves which made her blush with jealousy…why was June staring at another woman’s body like that? It was just weird. She scalded herself for it mentally.

“Oh, just making myself more comfortable. Settling in to my new place. It’s so stifling being covered up all the time isn’t it?” Callista purred in a soft, enticing voice.

June wasn’t sure what to say to that. Just a second ago it had seemed so inappropriate that someone who she barely knew would be pulling off her bra right in front of her but all of a sudden it seemed to bother her less. Was it really a big deal? This was her apartment too now and it made sense that she should be able to relax and feel comfortable in her own place. Not to mention that bras are so stifling. The way they squeeze your breasts and the straps start to dig into your shoulders, especially after all that lifting of boxes earlier…June felt tempted to take hers off too.

It wasn’t weird was it? They were both women and there’s really nothing wrong with freeing your breasts in the privacy of your own living room. It’s not like June was a lesbian or anything so it shouldn’t be weird. She gazed at Callista, whose firm, round breasts were now completely exposed as her bra had been slid off and thrown to the ground. It was difficult to keep her eyes from drifting to her gorgeous pink nipples, standing erect like little pink bullets, they were so delicate but oddly transfixing.

“You should take your top off, June, you seem to be getting rather…hot with it on.” Callista suggested in her gentle yet irresistible tone that made June’s eyes lose their focus and her mind wander.

Callista was right. She was getting hot in this top. It would be nice to take it off. June began to slowly pull her top over her head and lazily dropped it to the ground, feeling her mind getting fuzzy and her motions sluggish and kind of robotic as she sunk into a deepening state of relaxation.

“Good girl. It feels freeing doesn’t it?” June nodded dimly, staring once again at Callista’s soft, entrancing breasts with her mouth hanging open slightly. “It would be even better if you didn’t have that restrictive bra covering your poor sensitive breasts, wouldn’t it?” June listened happily to Callista’s words with her mind now hazy and receptive and without even consciously understanding what she was told she nodded once again, feeling a strong compulsion to simply agree with her confident roommate’s suggestions.

June moved her arms up gradually and began absentmindedly fiddling with the straps of her bra. Something so simple and ingrained as removing her own bra should have been no issue to her but with her mind now sluggish and unable to process properly her unguided fingers became confused and useless.

“Let me help you with that.” Callista offered as she moved closer to June and her slender fingers glided past June’s, teasing her as they brushed against her own struggling digits, and swiftly undid her bra and helped her to slide it off with ease.

As her bra popped off and was dropped to the floor, June felt a rush of warmth and comfort as her breasts were freed and she felt the air on her tender nipples. Callista was pressed up behind her now, hands wandering forward to snake around her breasts until she was cupping them entirely, caressing her small, exposed nipples with the tips of her fingers as she leaned in until her lips were almost touching June’s ear and began to whisper.

“Feels so good doesn’t it? Tell me, have you ever wondered what it’s like to be intimate with another woman?” Calls its whispered in a breathy voice, filling June’s ears with her hot breath until her earlobe was tingling with warmth.

June’s suppressed, bewildered mind found it difficult to reply. There was a strong compulsion once again to just moan and say yes but something inside her felt uneasy about it and she stuttered out a quiet “n-no.”

“So you’re only into guys, June?” Callista asked, a little surprised that her throughly entranced prey had been able to do anything other than moan out a sloppy, horny ‘yessss’.

June gazed forward with glassy eyes, mouth hanging wide open now and drooling as she enjoyed the sensation of Callista’s fingers stroking her rapidly erecting nipples and squeezing her fleshy breasts sensually. It took her a while to formulate her response.

“Yeah…I only…like…guyyyyyyssssss” she groaned out as she savoured Callista’s wonderful touch on her sensitive breasts sending tingling feelings shooting from her chest right through her body, down to her hips as she felt a familiar heat growing in her crotch.

“So you like to suck on their cocks right? You like to suck, June? I know you like to suck. Tell me, June. You like to suck and lick and have your mouth filled right?” Callista asked, unfazed by June’s feeble, ineffective attempt to resist her advances.

“Yeah…I like to suck and lick and uhhh…” June murmured as her thoughts slipped further back in her head and her breasts tingled and heaved more under Callista’s erotic assault.

“Good girl. So you won’t mind sucking on my fingers for me.” Callista said as she raised one hand up to June’s mouth and guided her fingers past her parted lips and slid them inside. “It’s just like sucking a man’s cock. It’s perfectly normal for a straight girl like you to enjoy this, don’t worry, just suck on them like you would a guy.” Callista ordered.

Confused but unable to argue, June let the feminine fingers push into her throat and began to moan around them as she wrapped her lips around them and sucked obediently. She started to roll her tongue along them and closed her eyes as she swallowed the length of her fingers and suckled on them eagerly.

“Good girl. Get them slick and ready. I can tell you’re enjoying this.” Callista whispered with a smile.

June was losing her mind as all she could do was obey and every word Callista spoke invaded her mind and replaced her own thoughts. She was becoming quickly aroused as she slurped on Callista’s fingers mindlessly until Callista slipped them out of her mouth, now dripping with saliva, and trailed them down June’s chest. She flicked her nipple with a wet digit before continuing downwards.

“I’m going to slip them in you now. If you’re still clinging on to that silly idea that you’re still straight you can just imagine it’s a nice dick. It doesn’t matter, you’ll be moaning and humping them soon no matter what. Won’t you June?” Callista teased as her slippery fingers were pushing down into June’s underwear and reaching towards her already slick pussy.

June’s couldn’t think, her only response was a needy moan as she felt the intense urge to feel those fingers slip into her and press onto her throbbing clit. She wasn’t sure anymore whether she was straight at all. It didn’t seem to matter as she couldn’t think of anything but obeying her beautiful and dominant roommate.

Callista ran her fingers along June’s lower lips in circles until she was whining and dripping, wordlessly begging for those fingers to finally penetrate her. Then as they slid inside she couldn’t help but clench around them and push her hips into Callista’s hand as she found herself desperately humping the woman’s hand for release.

“Do you like this June? It feels amazing doesn’t it? You know what will happen don’t you? You’re too far gone now, you’ll never be able to resist my commands. I’ll be your new mistress and you can be my horny, obedient slave. That sounds so perfect doesn’t it? You aren’t straight anymore either, you’re a needy lesbian who craves my pussy. You know it’s true, the way you’re humping my fingers and screaming it’s clear, you’re a dribbling, mindless slave to my pussy and you can’t even remember being straight. Isn’t that right, slave?”

“Ugh! Yesssssss! Yes mistresssssss!” Slave replied as she felt her pussy twitch and squirt around her wonderful mistress’ fingers as she was hit with an intense orgasm. An orgasm that blasted her mind over and over with waves of pleasure, hammering in her mistress’ words until her previous life as June became utterly insignificant. She was a slave now, a wet and needy lesbian slave.

She slumped into Callista’s arms, a sticky, sweaty tired mess. Still wriggling and moaning happily. “Good girl” Callista praised as she planned what to do first with her new slave.