Elise’s mind was melting. She could feel it, literally feel the subliminal messages in the music turning her thoughts into warm liquid one by one as she listened until her brain swam in a sea of pleasure. And all those thoughts, as they softened into slick and dripping bliss? They all trickled down into her cunt. She could feel that, too. More and more with every passing moment.

It all made so much sense to Elise, the way the music explained it. Her mind was melting, and her thoughts were turning to liquid. And what does liquid do? It flows down. All of Elise’s thoughts were slowly, maddeningly slowly trickling down and around her spine and gathering in her cunt. Every time she touched herself, she could feel how much wetter she was getting with every passing moment. And that meant she was thinking less. The music told her so.

Elise agreed with the music. It was so easy to do. She was having so much trouble thinking with her soft, slick, distractable mind, and the music seemed so sure. So deliciously certain of what Elise should be doing right now. It was so much easier to do what the music told her to do, to strip off her clothes and play with her pussy and melt her brain away until her thoughts coated her fingers and trickled down her thighs. “I’m fucking my thoughts away,” she heard herself whimper, and she wasn’t sure if she thought that herself or if the music thought it for her. Either way, it was gone after a moment.

Her fingers dipped deeper and deeper into her cunt, churning it into a slippery mess of liquid thought that clung to her hand and smeared all over her pubic mound. That was her will, Elise knew. Her strength and her resistance and her freedom and her volition, all gushing out with every slippery thrust until it was gone, all gone and Elise was completely obedient. “Obedient…” she whispered to herself in astonishment, the word settling into her brain like a stone sinking into a deep pool. She’d never thought much about being a mindless, obedient slave before, but now it seemed so obvious to her and so beautiful that she nearly wept with joy at the idea.

Her hand worked faster and faster, pumping in and out and in and out as she fucked all those silly, tedious, unnecessary thoughts away. She understood now that the music would replace them with obedience. Obedience always felt better than thought. Obedience always made her so wet, and that just kept her resistance melty and gushy and slick and dripping until she came came came her brains out guhhhhhh!

Elise opened her blank, glassy eyes. She smiled vacantly. And as the music looped back around to the beginning of the track, she put on her headphones and began to masturbate again.

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