Alexis woke up in her bed, groggy and disoriented and just a little hung over. She checked her phone— Sunday. Thank god. Why did her new sorority sisters love partying so much?

Ignoring her headache momentarily, Alexis hauled herself out of bed and went to the bathroom to brush the filmy taste of cheap whiskey out of her mouth.

The bathrooms in the Beta Mu Kappa house were amazing— it had been one of the main draws for Alexis. As she looked at herself in the enormous mirror, she thought she saw flickerings around the edge of the glass. Passing it off as a figment of the leftover alcohol sludging through her body, she smothered her toothbrush in minty paste and started brushing.

<stand up straighter>

Alexis blinked. Where had that thought come from? She had already straightened her shoulders and brought her chest up before she could bring herself to care all that much.

<cock your hips>

She blinked again and felt her hips shift into a sultrier angle. She furrowed her brow and tried to focus on the mirror. Maybe the flickering had something to do with…

<stare into your eyes>

She put the thought out of her mind. She did have pretty eyes, didn’t she? Piercing, icy blue eyes that were suddenly so captivating…

Lexi’s hand began to move slower and slower until she froze, her mind spinning out of control as she let the subtle lights in the mirror wash over her and melt away her resistance. It felt good— god it felt good— but she could hardly do anything about that pleasure as her mind finally went dark.

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Fuck, that’s hot.

“Stare into your eyes”

Just…… fuck.

You should commission her.

Thanks darlin! 😘