“Not here. Not now,” she whimpered after I spoke her trigger phrase, looking around to see if anyone was watching. But it was too late; her fingers were already buried in her cunt to bring her to the orgasm she wouldn’t be able to deny herself.

Such a meanie 🌹

No, princess, a meanie would make her NEED an orgasm, but unable to give herself one without permission, so she’d have to beg for one.

A villain would make her beg someone else for permission.

A monster would point out just how wet that idea made you right now.

A demon would convince you to reblog this so everyone knew your secret.

Lol and Other demons would laugh and watch her do it. 

Fun to see this still making the rounds. I wonder how many other women found themselves getting wet thinking about this.

Or how many have made their subs do this exact thing