Girls from the honeypot.

Well, here’s my first successful(ly posted) attempt at a caption since starting my tumblr. Looking forward to people’s thoughts on it. Or the lack thereof 😉


Her eyes
were literally glued to the screen as the subtle changes in color and speed of
the spiral drew her attention to it. They were glued to the messages that
drifted to the surface at least as intensely as my own were stuck watching her
expression. The faint slumping she did with each repetition of the words deeper, relaxed, empty, obedient. The
almost dirty-sounding moans that she surely would have never meant to let
escape whenever the video captured her mind so strongly she lost her bearings
for a split-second. The little twitching of her lips which almost by themselves
tried to mouth the words she saw floating in the spiral.

Elaine had
apparently been in the middle of dressing when some way or another the video
had begun playing. I blamed myself for that, honestly. I mean, you don’t
normally leave your trance inducing props lying around if you know your damn hot and sexy classmate doesn’t know
about your kink. Maybe she’d wanted to just switch the television on and
accidentally hit the wrong button. Or maybe she thought the film in there was
the one she’d rented yesterday night. I doubted I’d ever hear about that.

actually, why wasn’t it? I hadn’t put mine in there, that’s for sure. That’s
why I even had come to her looking for it in the first place. Because I
couldn’t find the disk anywhere around my room after her last visit and had
come to check if she maybe had found it. Why the heck was it playing here? By
accident? Either way, it was evident that Elaine was much too far gone, much
too deep to tell me any of that.

My eyes, at
first watching her face for a hint of anger or disgust, finally accepted she
was truly blank and enchanted by the swirling colors and
started roaming around her body, literally soaking up the sight of her lying
sprawled on the soft covers, her short black top riding up the two huge mounts
that were her perfect breasts. The zipper of her pants being undone. Probably
simply forgotten as in mid-motion the intriguing movements on screen had caught
her attention first and then her thoughts. As strength had left her limbs, to
be replaced with nothing but warm, pulsing relaxation. I felt my own clothes
get uncomfortably tight at the display she offered. But no!

We were
classmates and buddies, as far as that could be between man and woman. This had
gone on too far. And worst of all, this particular video wasn’t yet finished!
It had not been meant to be shown to anyone just yet! I had looked for it
because I had to remove a bunch of stuff that was arguably too intense, thanks
to way too much beer. I prayed she had not yet reached that point. Or watched
the whole thing on loop. For god knows how long… No! She was reliable in her
unreliability. She’d been late for class. As normal. She’d gotten dressed and
accidentally switched it on thirty minutes ago at most. That had to be the
case! Or else…

I snatched
the remote and turned the video off, hardly glancing at the screen as my main
concern was the well being of my friend. “Elaine? It’s fine to just lay there.
Lay there as you hear my voice, awareness coming back slowly as you try to
follow my voice back to the present. Back to the world around you.” As I was
speaking her head lazily turned, as if held back by lots of invisible jelly.
The gaze of her – fuck, fuck, fuck, these
hot eyes. All glassy and empty and…
Keep it together, me! Her eyes turning
my way without seeing me, just zeroing in on a new image to fixate, a new focus
to use for drawing her mind deeper into trance. This was not helping!

focus on me. Just blend out everything else. Do not think of the spiral or the
words it told you. Do not think of any of the commands you were repeating.” Oh,
for the love of…! What was I doing? That was clearly induction-talk right there!
I was going to trance her deeper if this kept on! “Obey… go blank… be a good
girl… obey… go blank… be a good girl… ” Yyyyyeaaah. That were the words I hid in the video. Well, I was going to go to
hell. Once more my eyes rested on her tits. One more try. I was going to wake
her up. Or give up.

remember. Remember me. No matter how good it feels to be this deep. This relaxed. This empty. So obedient. Right now it is important that
you listen to me and feel your senses come back up. Back up here to me as I
just ramble on and on to give your deeply
mind a guiding beacon back to the world. To being awake.”

phone buzzed in my pocket, the pre-set timer reminding me if we didn’t leave in
the next five minutes we’d be hopelessly late for the lecture. “As you become
more and more aware of the world around you, your head clears and you remember
that I came here to fetch you for class. Because that’s how it is. That’s who I
am. You… do remember? Who I am? Tell me who I am, Elaine.” 

Her eyes didn’t show
any sign of getting any less fucking hot
and empty and glassy and hypnotized!
Not good. Not helping! “Master…” Her
flat, emotionless voice sent burning tingles down my spine straight into my
cock. “No, look, I…” Goodness, help! I was clamping down on my erection with my
hand, half hoping to hurt myself because the pain might snap me out of it.

“Master… I don’t wanna go to class today… I want

be a good girl.

Please?” That
huge crashing sound? That was my self-restraint jumping out of the window. I
sighed and flicked the video back on. As she with a relieved sigh settled back
into the covers and slumped even deeper than before I put my bag down. She was
going to get a very special lesson today.