He’d just been another face in the crowd, at first.

Letitia was sitting outside the cafe, passing time with a coffee and a good book as she waited for an audition, when she first saw him, walking towards her, one of many, passing by on the street. Nothing special.

It was when their eyes met, that the crowd seemed to part, and she finally saw him for who he truly was. 

She smiled, and blushed. This sort of thing didn’t usually happen – she was normally the one fending off unwanted attention. But with him…she couldn’t tear her eyes away from him, he was so….handsome!

“Excuse me, Miss – mind if I sit here?”

“N-not at all!”

“Thank you…”

He took a seat, and Letitia gasped – there was just something about this man which compelled her to pay attention to his every move.

He held his hand out, his fingers at her eye level, and began to sway them back and forth.

“What’s your name, my dear?”

Letitia found herself distracted by the movement of his fingers, unable to concentrate on anything else, following them as they moved from side to side…

“Letitia…” she sighed.

“Pleased to meet you, Letitia. You know, you’re just the kind of woman I’ve been looking for…”

She giggled, and smiled. A compliment from him was so nice! She was so lucky he’d chosen to sit here.

“You find it so easy to listen to the sound of my voice, so easy and relaxing to watch as my fingers move back and forth, from side to side, back and forth, from side to side…”

Letitia’s eyes fluttered, and her smile grew. Briefly, she was dimly aware of his other hand reaching out towards her shoulder…

“….and sleep deep now…”

The next thing Letitia knew, she was kneeling on the floor of a limo, her raincoat folded neatly beside her, as she stroked, sucked and licked the magnificent cock of her lover, her Master, her Lord and her King.

“Does this please you, Master?” she smiled, sweetly, staring up at him.

“Very much so, good girl…”

Letitia nodded, and returned to her ministrations. He really was the most charming, wonderful man – sucking his cock was heaven…

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