What… what are… you doing?

Why, I’m hypnotizing you, silly boy. I’d have thought it would be obvious.

No… I’ll resist…

Oh, it’s quite impossible to resist. I’ve hypnotized so many pretty little boys like yourself, and every one became my mindless docile slave.

I’ll look away…

Oh, feel free. All it takes is a glimpse for my amulet to work its magic. You may be looking away, but you can’t get it out of your mind’s eye.

No, wait… don’t want… don’t want to be… want to be a slave.

Who said anything about turning you into a slave? I’m turning you into my master.


When I first found my precious amulet, I thought it would be the key to true happiness. Anything I wanted, I could have. Any house, any car, any man… just mine for the asking. And I enjoyed, I did, and for a long time. But no matter what I tried, eventually I grew bored with it. And then a funny thing happened. Ask me what happened, dear.

What… happened?

I started to become jealous of my slaves. I could only ever find tiny moments of happiness, but them! They were blissfully happy all the time, and just because I’d told them they were. I’d been trying to use other people to make me happy, when all this time I’d had something capable of giving anyone perpetual joy dangling around my neck.

Well, look at that sexy blank expression, little boy. I’d say my little charm has done its work.

Yes. It has done its work. I will obey.

Good. Now, listen carefully. I am going to hand you my amulet, and you are going to use it to make me your slave. I will always be your favorite slave, and you will keep me forever and ever. You will be a good and loving master to me, and you will make sure I get excellent nutrition, regular exercise, and the best health care money can buy. You make me a mindless fuckdoll, a piece of meat you use to sate your erotic cravings. Most of all, you will command me to love being your slave, and to always be completely happy no matter what.

And command you to be happy. I understand.

Good. Now, take your amulet, Master.

I obey, slave.

Man, didn’t expect someone to go through my archives and dig up this old thing. I stopped captioning hentai pretty early on.