It was a week since the TG storm had passed over Summersville turning every man in the town into a woman.  Now government scientists had worked out how to reverse the effects by sending a powerful grounding pulse through the town to dissipate all the TG energy, turning all the girls back into boys.  

Announcements on the radio calmly explained that every former-man in town was to assemble on the field near the government generator and the pulse would hit at exactly 3 PM reverting everyone back to normal.

It was 2.58PM and in her bedroom, Bailey giggled and tucked her knees up under her chin.  She had stuffed her dresser full of rubber gloves, wellies… plastic, any sort of insulator she could find and now waited calmly on top.  She had decided that she was never going back to being a stupid boy.  She was a girl now and thought of herself as female.  There was no chance she was ever giving up being pretty and pink.

Bailey loved everything about being a sexy teenage girl.  The pulse had affected the former boy more dramatically than most.  Bailey had gone from an overweight, fat, and bespectacled nerd into a skinny and sexy blonde hottie.  For the last week she’d been learning all about how good her pussy felt when she rubbed it, and she’d adjusted super fast to her new form.

Bailey loved wearing skinny girls clothes, thick makeup and lingerie.  She was bouncy, hot and a little bit slutty now.  The only downside to the whole event was that there were no boys in town as everyone had been turned into a girl… of course, that was about to be rectified.

3 PM hit and Bailey’s tummy fluttered as she heard and felt a vibration blast through the town.  She looked at her hands, half expecting to see her sexy gel nails drop off, or some other sign she was turning back into a boy… but nothing happened.

By 3.15 PM she decided it was safe to come down and she went to the window. She giggled to see boys and men hugging each other in relief, their genders restored.  “Mmmmmh, well hello boys… this town just got a lot more interesting.”

Bailey’s parents were furious when they realised she’d snuck away and avoided the effects of the grounding pulse.  Her dad couldn’t believe his son would want to stay a girl and he demanded the government do something.  But the government weren’t going to waste time and money on reversing just one boy, so they refused.

Bailey got a new identity and her parents grounded her.  She didn’t care.  Now she was one of the hottest girls in town, all the freshly reversed boys were in love with her and she was able to sneak them into her room whenever she wanted.  Many of them were secretly jealous they hadn’t been brave enough or clever enough to keep their hot teenage bodies as now they were back to being stupid boys with no control around a slut like Bailey.

Whilst her parents thought she was upstairs sulking in her room, Bailey had actually opened her window and helped the fit neighbours boy in from next door. Now she was busy practicing all the dirty stuff she had fantasized about since she became a girl.

“Mmmmmh, I love sucking cock,” purred Bailey as she slurped on his big dick. “I’m so glad that you boys got your dicks back and I got to keep my pussy, oooooh speaking of which is it time to stick that fat cock in my tight wet snatch?  I think so baby… now fuck me good.”

Bailey was here to stay…