“Okay, let’s try this again. Maybe this time you’ll get some of these right. Do you know where you are?”

I, um… I mean, it’s a building, it looks to be big, and… empty… No. I’m sorry. I don’t know where I am.

“Okay. Do you know how you got here?”

Well, I… I mean, um, I must have… um, that is, I… I think I was… No. I’m very sorry, but I don’t remember how I got here.

“Okay. Do you know where your clothing went?”

I don’t… see it around anywhere. I, um… I’m sorry, is it weird if I admit that I don’t actually remember taking it off? Never mind. Um, no, sorry. I don’t know where my clothing went. Sir.

“I see. Some big ones now. Do you know your name?”

Well, I mean, of course I know it, I just, um… it’s not immediately coming to mind, but I’m sure I know what it is, I just can’t quite, um… I… I feel like it’s right on the tip of my… oh, shoot! No, sir. I’m afraid I don’t know my name.

“And can you remember where you live, anything about your family or friends, anything that would help you to find your way back home?”

Well, I… um, there was a… um… sorry, I know I’m saying ‘um’ a lot, and it must be so annoying, but I’m having trouble, um… trouble thinking. It feels really hard to… um, to think, and all my memories seem so… um, so foggy and, and blank, and it feels like the harder I try to remember stuff, the harder it gets. I just, I can almost remember things, and then I lose them, and that feels… um, it feels good. That’s not right, is it? Like, I shouldn’t get horny when I forget stuff. I don’t think I used to do that, but… um, but I can’t remember. Anymore. And that makes me want to play with myself. Um, sorry, what was the question?

“Do you remember your family or friends?”

Oh. Um, no, sir. I don’t remember anything before I opened my eyes and saw you standing there with the pen and the clipboard.

“I see. And do you know how many times we’ve performed this test?”

I… as many times as we need to? I’m sorry, I know that’s not a very good answer. I don’t remember the number, but I know that we just need to keep doing it until I get every question right, because that means… that means… um, sorry. I don’t remember what happens when I get every question right. I just know that it’s really good. Maybe I get to play with myself? I’m sorry, sir, I just… I really want to play with my pussy. May I please play with my pussy if I get every question right, sir? Please may I? Please?

“One more question first. Do you know what your purpose is?”

I… oh, yes sir! I do, I know that one! My purpose is obedience! My purpose is obedience. My purpose is obedience. My purpose… is obedience. My purpose is… obedience. My… purpose is obedience. My… my purpose… is… obed… ience…

“Good girl. That’s your first perfect score! You may play with yourself now.”

Oh, thank you sir! Would you like to watch?

“Most definitely.”

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