“Ugh…just get me a seat.”

Kelly was having a terrible flight, with a throbbing headache and a horrible sleep debt. So when she saw the pink earphones with a large “b” on the side, she snatched them up at once and tried to find something relaxing for her flight, something that would help her unwind.

And the soothing, thrumming beats that emanated from the speakers were very, very relaxing. In no time she had lolled off, head rolling back and causing her whole body to go limp in the seat.

She was so tired she didn’t even hear any of the bubbly, girly voices chanting in her head, saying things like ‘bubbly bimbo, busty blonde!’ or ‘dumb and cute is what girls do!’ or ‘cutie honey, got that money!’ It slipped into jovial pop music so subtly she didn’t wake for a second.

And as she napped…she changed.

She was slim to start, but she was also flat as a board, with no boobs and certainly no legs. But as she dozed, her brain being rewritten, her cute little pink top begun to stretch, trying to fit around her slowly inflating breasts. The nipples jutted out, proud and large, no bra to impede their arrival.

Her hair, normally a boring brown, had paled, and lengthened, inching down over her collarbone.

Her jeans were quickly losing the battle with her thighs, which begun to plump and thicken. Tears appeared in the worn fabric, and smooth flesh begun to appear in the holes.

By the time the plane landed, it had been hours, and Kelly didn’t look anything like her old self. Instead of a slim, boring looking girl, there was a blonde bombshell wearing barely anything. Her huge, fake tits practically were bursting out of the holes, giving a lot of sideboob.

Kelly let out a small sniff and stretched, with a sexy little twist, and pulled the headset off.

“Oh, uhm, wow,” she said, glancing out the window. “We’re like, uh, here. That was super duper quick.”

If she had enough brain cells to think about it, she would notice the too-cute squeak in her voice, which had been shifted up, to a high, girly tone. She sounded adorable and dumb as hell.

Once the plane landed, she looked around, noticing a lot of other girls that looked a whole lot like her – cute, bubbly, busty, blonde, and definitely ditzy.

The girl next to her – who was *very* pretty – was giving her a glance too. She let out a little giggle of confusion, as she said to the mysterious woman, “Uhm, where was I going on this, like, flight-thingy?”