E-mask-ulated pt II



Making his way across the grassy lawns of the campus, Hayden was barely concentrating on where he was going.  He couldn’t stop thinking about the incredible magic mask in his bag, or how good it had felt to be a girl.  The urge to take it out and put it on was pervasive – thoughts of all the naughty ways he could use the mask to get what he wanted were constantly in his mind now.  But another part of him was wary of the mask and how his addiction for it already seemed a little out of control.

“I have to be careful,” he muttered.  “Mitchell was instantly interested in the mask, if I hadn’t have snatched it off him – he’d probably be wearing it now and bossing ME around. It’s like it calls out to people… hmmmm, I need to figure out how best to use Hailey’s mind control powers without falling victim to them myself…”

His thoughts whirling, he was unprepared to be suddenly intercepted as he crossed the campus… “Hey Hayden, why didn’t you tell us you had a girlfriend?” 

Hayden stopped as Jennifer and Sophie, two girls from his course, approached him.  Hayden liked them both, in particular he had a massive crush on the blonde and beautiful Jennifer and he had been flirting with her for weeks since he arrived at college.  He, Mitchell and the two girls had been hanging around a lot and formed a little gang.  He had felt an instant attraction for Jennifer and she had seemed interested in him too, but now she was obviously looking a little cold and distant.

“We just saw Mitchell in the library looking for you.  The poor guy was going on and on about your girlfriend Hailey.  Strange thing is, none of use knew about this.  You told me you were single, so who is she?”

“Look Jennifer, I only just met her.  She’s on a different course to us, I’m sorry,” he began.

“Why are you sorry,” she laughed scornfully, “It’s not like WE were going out or anything is it? I mean, if you’d asked me I… I mean I… I just figured you were shy and needed… look it isn’t important.  If you’re happy I guess I am too.”

Jennifer’s face didn’t look anything like a happy face.  She was clearly upset that the boy she thought had liked her had been stringing her along all this time. In fact, she was downright pissed off and angry.  She’d had plenty of boys showing interest in her, but Hayden had seemed perfect for her.  Now it turned out he already had a girlfriend, what a bastard.

She smiled through gritted teeth at Hayden. “Well we better go. Actually, we are planning to have a girls-only night out tonight, and I’m planning to meet up with a really hot boy,” spat an angry Jennifer.

“We are?” asked Sophie a little cluelessly as her friend elbowed her in the ribs.

“YES, of course we are, DON’T YOU REMEMBER?”

“Oh yeah,” bleated Sophie catching on at last.  With that the two girls began to walk away, Jennifer a little tearfully.

Hayden felt panic grip him.  He couldn’t let things between him and Jennifer stand like this… he really liked her and wanted to be with her.  But what could he do?

I can fix this for you…

Hayden shivered, for a moment he thought he had heard Hailey’s voice in his head, but surely he was just imagining it.  Of course… the mask… the mask could help him fix all this couldn’t it?  

Walking into the campus toilets he looked around and then took out the mask.  It was so pretty and beautiful, part of him just wanted to stare at it and admire it – but there was a powerful hunger in him now… he needed to wear the mask.  Shivering he lifted it over his head and lowered it over his face…


He felt the soft material of the mask over his face, yet he could see as clearly as day.  He could feel the changes to his body at once and he knew he had transformed again.

Being Hailey felt amazing. He could smell delicious perfume rising from his soft shaven skin, he could taste cherry lip-gloss on his pouting pink mouth.  His tits were back and his dick was all gone… having a pussy felt so much… nicer.  All at once Hayden was Hailey again – he was a girl, and this time dressed for college. “I look cute – though maybe a little slutty,” he mused in the mirror.

But you are a slut…

The voice was his own, and yet not his own.  He couldn’t help but look at that face in the mirror and feel the hypnotic pull of his own power. Hayden groaned as he felt himself falling under Hailey’s spell again and he shook his head and tried to avoid looking at his reflection in the mirror.  He felt woozy and strange all of a sudden.

Hey… look at me..   If you look at me I can help you win Jennifer over.

“How?” he asked looking up.

Jennifer and Sophie are having a girls night out – so lets join them.  Once she gets to know you, she’ll love you… whether she wants to or not.

“Noooo, I… uhhh… shouldn’t use my powers on Jennifer, it’s wrong.”

Why did you put the mask on then?  Why don’t you admit you love the thought of making people into your slaves and having them worship you?  You’re a very, very bad girl.  You’re a naughty slut who enjoys getting everything she wants.  Such… a…. bitch…. such a hot, nasty, bitch…

Hayden felt like he could melt in those big brown eyes.  He was so wet again and his hand had moved hypnotically into his wet panties to toy his pussy. Hailey was right… he was a bitch… a slut.   All that mattered was what he wanted.  All that mattered was what Hailey wanted.

That’s it Hailey… you’re such a naughty bitch.  You know what you need to do.  You’re going to go make yourself look super sexy and then go meet the girls.  Then Jennifer will be all yours to play with and enjoy.  Go be bad Hailey… go be a total slut and make Jennifer all yours.

Hailey moaned as she orgasmed hard, breaking the spell and causing herself to come back to the present.  “Ohhhh fuck, that’s hawt,” she gasped… smiling naughtily and blowing herself a kiss in the mirror.  “I should definitely go out with the girls, this is going to be fun.”

“I need to get some clothes and make up, there’s nothing back at Hayden’s place.” Hailey shrugged, it was only a short walk off campus to the main shopping street where she could get everything she needed.

She walked in the sunshine enjoying the stares of boys and girls as she strode forward.  She found that if she made eye contact with someone, the same empty, submissive look she had observed in Mitchell seemed to happen.  Looking away quickly, or focusing somewhere else seemed to release them… but the longer she held someones gaze, the more pronounced the effect.  She was pleased to see it worked equally well on girls as well as boys… basically looking into her eyes was to become her helpless slave.

It made her pussy wet to think of what she could do with such power…

Reaching the shops, Hailey walked inside the super expensive and stylish main department store.  Here she could get eveything she needed, shoes, dresses, makeup and jewellery.  It was time to shop.

But there was a problem. Sure, Hailey looked like a girl now, but she had never bought womans clothes before.  She needed help, so seeing a stylish looking shop assistant, Hailey walked over and tapped her on the shoulder.  The hot, arrogant assistant turned round with a bored and unimpressed look on her face, but as she met Hailey’s eyes… her expression turned to one of worship.

“H…how can I help you?” she gasped, saying it genuinely for the first time ever as her desire to please Hailey grew more and more powerful. 

“That’s it… Lara,” purred Hailey reading the girls name-tag.  “You are deep under my power and it feels so good.  You love serving me and helping me.  Your greatest desire is to be my personal shopper and assistant.  All you care about is helping me look beautiful and attractive.  You want to dress me in the nicest clothes, make sure I have the best makeup and perfume… you live to make help me become more feminine.”

Lara giggled happily as she fell deeply under Hailey’s spell and the comforting warmth of being under the control of a superior being filled her. She would do anything to help such a Goddess… Hailey needed her help and it was her place to serve.

 “Of course, let me help you Miss.”

“Miss?  How about Mistress?” giggled Hailey, “Mistress Hailey is my name – well at least to you.  Now hurry up and lets get some outfits.”

“Yes Miss… Mistress,” sighed Lara happily as she grabbed Hailey’s hand and dragged her eagerly into the shop.

Hailey was impressed at how swiftly Lara went to work.  She was a powerhouse of fashion knowledge and she knew just what would look good on her Goddess. Hailey simply had to wait as the other woman brought her outfit after outfit, always with the right accessories and makeup to match.


“Mmmmh, I like this one,” smiled Hailey as she admired herself in the mirror. “Oh yes, this is the one to wear tonight. So slutty and hot, it barely leaves anything to the imagination.”  She felt so horny and she looked so fucking good.

Lara smiled happily, her Mistress was pleased… that made her happy too.

Sliding up the incredibly short bottom of her dress, Hailey slid her fingers over her pussy and groaned.  She caught sight of her reflection in the mirror, a meltingly hot slut, dressed to kill.  

Make her worship you… you need to cum so badly…it will feel so good to make her lick you out…

Hailey wasn’t sure where the thought came from, but she turned to see Lara smiling at her like a puppy and she knew she wanted the girl to pleasure her.

“Lara, come here and make your Mistress happy… lick my pussy and make me cum,”

Lara smiled happily.  She had never even been attracted to women before this day, but Goddess was different.  Her Mistress was so beautiful and as she eagerly sank before her Mistresses feet and began to lap at her shaven pussy… she was in heaven.

“Ohhhh fuck yes, that’s it you little bitch… lick my clit, oooooh!  Make Mistress cum, ohhh good girl.”

Hailey sank her fingers deep into Lara’s hair and felt the thrill of absolute power and control as the eager little slut lapped her pussy and licked her so good.  It didn’t take her long to cum… moaning happily as Lara finished her off.

See, it feels good to make others serve you… to make them love you.  They want to serve you, see how happy Lara is.  Being Mistress feels good doesn’t it?

Hailey looked down at Lara, it was true, the girl was ecstatic, it made her feel less bad about making her into a slave.  But still – this was all a little wrong wasn’t it?  

Suddenly feeling guilty, Hailey decided it was time to split.

“Lara, you have served me well.  Now I want you to bag up all my purchases and run them through the till under a false account name.  I’ll keep the dress on though, I have a night out to get to later.”

“Yes Mistress.”


Soon Hailey was walking out of the store with arms full of bags and Lara’s number in her phone in case she needed more help in the future.  Hailing a cab she headed back to the dorm and struggled up to the top of the stairs with all her new stuff  before letting herself in to her room.  

Inside Hailey dropped all of her bags in a corner and yawning looked at the clock.  There was another four hours before Jennifer and Sophie were due to go out. Taking off her dress and carefully hanging it up, Hailey crawled into her bed and reaching up to her face slid the magic mask off.

Hayden groaned as a wave of tiredness swam over him.  He could barely move he was so tired all of a sudden. A short power nap would be great – dropping the mask to the floor beside his bed, he fell into a deep sleep, the mask on full view next to his bed… glimmering with power…

Waiting… wanting… needing…