She doesn’t know what her hand is doing. Even as she strokes smoothly and evenly up and down his shaft, her eyes are perfectly locked onto his with a rapt attention that no teacher, no professor could possibly match. She listens to his softly murmured words without really hearing them, the sound of his voice wrapping up her thoughts in a warm, soft blanket of peace and comfort while she loses herself in the depths of his stare.

The motion of her hand helps her sink deeper into trance. Her conscious mind isn’t aware that it’s moving at all, let alone pumping up and down on the cock of her guidance counselor, but on a deep subconscious level, the steady pendulum movement of her hand back and forth acts like a fidget spinner, calming her urge to move and allowing the rest of her mind and body to relax more deeply. She’s completely open to his programming now.

She won’t remember–she’s become very skilled at replacing the memories of kneeling at her counselor’s feet and jacking his cock until he shoots his load all over her face with mundane discussions of her academic progress. As far as she knows, this is just a normal part of college life, daily appointments to talk about what she needs to do to graduate in four years. She doesn’t even think about sex when she’s outside of this office, and she wonders why it is that so many other girls her age have such trouble keeping their mind off their urges and focusing on their studies.

But right now, she’s focused on his eyes. She’s focused completely and totally and without a single thought in her mind on those beautiful brown eyes of his, the heat in her cunt just a slow and steady drip of pleasure that saturates her body while her mind relaxes completely into her Master’s will. Even her masturbation doesn’t distract her from the blissful depths of her Master’s gaze; her free hand rubs her slick, messy cunt without any input from her brain at all. She’s following instructions. That’s all she knows and that’s all she needs to know. As long as she’s following instructions, she can stay in this warm, happy, peaceful place and enjoy the perfect ecstasy of obedience.

If she thinks at all, she only thinks about how good it feels to please her Master. This is only her sophomore year, and already she’s learned how to be such a good hypnotic subject and such an obedient slave. She’s so pleased and so proud to be able to surrender completely to Master’s hypnotic eyes and accept his programming easily and effortlessly; even now, as he speaks to her in honeyed tones, she lets the words slip into her mind and alter her deepest sense of self. It feels so good that she doesn’t need to remember what she’s accepting. She only needs to stare and stroke and come when her Master comes.

But her Master already has plans for her. You don’t put four years into programming such a perfect slave and then simply let her go, not when there are so many academic positions at the school that could use a talented and focused teacher who isn’t afraid to work closely with the advisory department on a daily basis. This young woman’s never getting away… but judging by the delight in her vacant eyes as she gazes up at her Master, she never wanted to.

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