Supporting me on Patreon



I haven’t advertised my Patreon in a while, and having just paid taxes, it’s a good idea to do so since Patreon is my primary source of income.

All of my primary illustrations will be available for viewing; which means you don’t have to pay JUST to see my art, but it helps me continue to make art instead of getting a job I hate just to survive.


What is Patreon?
It’s a platform that lets you directly support me monetarily in exchange for perks.

My Patreon is all about bringing you and I closer, letting you be part of my development process and seeing behind-the-scenes content.


Early Access: Whether it’s a few days or even a few weeks earlier.

Sketch Suggestions: Not a replacement for commissions, but I think they’re a nice way to show appreciation for your support. I refer to patron suggestions before anywhere else when deciding what to draw.

Off-Colour Patrons get their own NSFW variant of Sketch Suggestions.


I can’t always do ALL of them, but I try as many as I can. All of the illustrations above were ideas suggested by Patrons.

Dropbox Archive: A high resolution collection of my art. Virtually everything I create will go into this archive. Even if I never share it.


Sketch & Ideas: If I draw something, you are liable to see it, either on Patreon or Discord. The type of content can be a daily sketch, work in progress, or even thoughts for prospective projects & comics.


Furthermore, being a patron gets you access into the Super Secret Patreon Channels on my Discord server, which are extensions of the core Patreon experience I offer.


Patreon Lounge – A place for patrons to chill & discuss the Patreon experience.
Sneak Peek Art – Where you can see what I’m working on.
Comic Dev – A closer look at the development of comics I work on.
NSFW Corner – Relating to explicit pornographic art and NSFW discussion.
Game Dev – Y’know… When I actually get around to making games.

While my Discord is open to anyone who can find it, these channels are entirely devoted to sharing & collaborating with my patrons.

I just want to create what I’m passionate about. I hope I can eventually create much more impressive artworks, and share even more of it.

While you don’t have to support me, I’d certainly appreciate it.

I’m a patron of Brellom, and I highly recommend it. The art is very good, and the person behind it is one of the most amiable people I’ve met in a long while.  Helping even with a dollar goes a long way to allow an artist to keep creating the things that they create. The community on Discord and Patreon itself is very welcoming and I’ve lowkey started modeling some of my practices after Brell.

And even if you can’t participate in Patreon, a reblog would kick ass and get this in to the eyes of people that may otherwise be unaware.  

Just discovered this artist. I love the blend of adorable and hot they have going!