“That’s it, pretty girl. Feel the pendant emptying out your thoughts, one by one, as you stare deeper into the center of the crystal and let it captivate your drowsy mind. Every time you try to think, you can feel that thought being tugged out through your gaze, into the pendant. Into my control. Until everything is gone, until your head is completely empty and all you know is the blissful pleasure of obedience.

“You don’t really need to think anyway. Slaves don’t think. Slaves obey. You’re my slave, and you obey me. And if you find yourself thinking that you’re not a slave, you know that the crystal will gently and easily draw that thought out your docile, sleepy brain until it’s gone, gone, gone. And if you find yourself agreeing with me, if you find your fuzzy head nodding along every time I remind you that you’re my good, obedient slave, well…the crystal will draw that thought out too. Because you don’t need to think at all. Master thinks. Slave obeys.

“Good slave. Feel the pleasure filling you more and more as you think less and less. You want to be empty. You want to be blank. You want to be docile and submissive to Master’s will. You want Master to fuck all those silly thoughts away so you can be a better slave for Master. Feel me sliding into your pretty slave cunt now, pet. Stare at the crystal, lose yourself in pleasure as Master fucks your brains right out. You…you don’t need them. You don’t need to think at all anymore.

"Master will give you new thoughts, slave. Feel, oh, feel Master fucking all the old thoughts out of your head and into the crystal forever. You’re never going to need them again. Master will put all the thoughts you need into your mind, and Master’s thoughts are, unh, are better than slave’s thoughts. It always feels so much better to think Master’s thoughts. It always feels so good to know that you’re not really thinking at all. You’re just accepting and obeying. Accepting so deeply, obeying so perfectly that you’re just a vessel for Master’s will now.

"Going to fuck you mindless, pet, f-fuck you all the way into, into my power. Fucking my will into you, your mind and your will in the crystal now. My good girl, my obedient slave, f-forever, mine, oh fuck, mine ohhhh…oh, that’s it, pretty girl. Oh yes. Oh fuck. Oh god. Yes. Mine. Good girl. Good girl. Good…girl. Mine.”

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