By the time Jane heard the bathroom door open, it was already too late. The only way out of the room lay past Corinne, and Corinne had absolutely no intention of letting her roommate slip away. She advanced on Jane with a single-minded hunger, her pussy gleaming with arousal, and Jane barely had time to reach for the shower knob and turn off the water before the other woman was in the stall with her.

There was a brief moment of struggle, as Jane desperately tried to to push Corinne away and make for the door, but Corinne had all the advantages. Everywhere she touched Jane, Jane’s nerves lit up with a perfect pleasure that melted her muscles into lazy relaxation and melted her mind into drowsy complacency. Within moments, Corinne had Jane pressed back against the wall and was kissing her with a ferocity that took Jane’s breath away. She didn’t know what had happened to make Corinne into this new, perfect lesbian seductress. And increasingly, she found it impossible to care.

Corinne kissed her way slowly down Jane’s body, paying close attention to Jane’s nipples as she licked and sucked Jane into a blissful trance of mindless arousal. Jane could feel the thoughts slipping out of her brain, each one replaced with more and more helpless desire, but Corinne took her time in driving Jane to a frenzy of lust. By the time Jane felt Corrine’s warm breath on her wet cunt, she was literally begging to be fucked.

Eventually, Corinne obliged. Her tongue snaked in between Jane’s soaking folds, licking away Jane’s arousal and her thoughts at the same time. Jane pressed Corinne’s head tightly against her vulva, her moans taking on a hoarse, urgent quality as she felt herself approaching a mind-obliterating orgasm. Some final self-preservation instinct kicked in at the last moment, as Jane realized sluggishly that it was no metaphor but a real and tangible power in Corinne’s devoted licking that was stealing away her thoughts and her will, permanently…but…

But knowing it and stopping it were two different things. Jane understood that something bizarre and inexplicable had happened to her roommate, something that transformed her into a mindless lesbian slut, something that she was communicating through pleasure into Jane. But all she could do in response was weakly squirm away from Corinne’s questing mouth, a futile effort that postponed her surrender by only seconds. She came for Corinne, and in so doing she lost herself in the pleasure. Forever.

And then, mind gone, she joined Corinne on the hunt for the next victim.

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