Jewel felt good. A little spaced out, but good. That was to be expected after a massage, of course. She sipped lazily at the wine. Oddly, Jewel couldn’t think of anything else she had to do today. No, that’s right, she could just stay here, lying on this bed, all day, not a care in the world.

The feeling of warmth and happiness continued to increase. Must have been something in that special oil, Jewel mused. She turned her body, slowly, over on to her back, exposing her breasts. Her nipples felt cooled in the breeze. There was no need to cover them up, here. She was safe. Happy, safe, warm, blissful.

Gosh, that oil really was something, wasn’t it. Jewel felt groggy, her body, so heavy and limp. Couldn’t move a muscle. She smiled as she saw the rather blurry shape of the masseuse standing over her, admiring her breasts. Mmmm, he was rather dishy. Had she paid him? That didn’t matter.

“Now, Miss Staite…”

“Call me Jewel, honey…” she giggled, totally intoxicated by the oils and aromas around her.

“Jewel. It’s time for the second part of your treatment. Trust me, this one’s even more enjoyable than the last…”

He pulled the sheets down, exposing first her midriff, which he stroked, and then further down still.

Jewel smiled, and giggled, and opened her legs. Head filled with nothingness, she’d let him do whatever he wanted….

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