Tracy stood there perfectly still, like she had been for several hours.  She wasn’t really sure how long it had been, she’d shown up in the morning and by the way the light was coming in the windows she figured it must be late afternoon.

She tried to raise her hand again, to take a step forward, to call out for help, but her body remained stubbornly still.

Then she heard the footsteps come from behind her.  There were at least two sets, more than the lone set that she’d last heard as Jim had left the studio and she didn’t know what that meant.

She’d shown up to the photo shoot a few little late… ok a lot late… but Jim hadn’t seemed to mind which should have been a warning sign, but it hadn’t seemed that unusual at the time.

It had started off fine, some fashionable dresses and other things, the bright flashes from the lights had started to give her a headache almost immediately which was something else that should of alerted her something was off, but again, it didn’t seem that important.

By the time lunch rolled around she was working almost completely on auto pilot.  Jim giving her direction, her body following along.  

At some point he’d had her change in to the bright latex skirt and top and stand perfectly still and then he’d taken down the lights and back drop before he left.

It had taken her a while to realize something was wrong, her mind seemed sluggish and clouded, but when she did she’d tried to walk to the dressing room only to find her body unresponsive.

And that’s how it had been since, no matter how hard she fought it, her body simply refused to move.

The footsteps came closer and closer until she saw Jim come back in to view, followed by another man that she didn’t recognise carrying a small gym bag.

“As you can see, exactly as in the photo’s.” Jim said, waving a hand at her and turning to the second man.

“Yes, but a bit small up top…” the second man replied, squinting slightly at her and stepping forward before he reached out and squeezed one of her breasts.

She tried to spit in his face, to slap he hand away, to do anything but her body remained unresponsive.

“Well, you said thin and blonde, you didn’t say anything about stacked.  And besides, I’m sure you can fix that easily enough.”

“True… but that does affect the price…” the second man replied, nodding his head to the side slightly and raising an eyebrow.

“Always about the money with you isn’t it… gees after all this time you’d think you’d know I only deliver quality good and only ask for the going rate Yuri.”

“Ah… you know me too well Jim… alright here.” he replied, handing Jim the gym bag.

Jim smiled and tossed the bag over to his workbench along the other wall, “Your not going to check it?” Yuri asked.

“It felt heavy enough and after all, your not going to rip me off and risk losing your supply are you?”

“Hahahaha… of course not Jim, as you said, you supply the best merchandise.” he replied and slapped Jim on the back.

“Can I assume standard programming then?”

“Yes, that will be fine.”

Jim reached in to his pocked and pulled out a small black device that looked like a light meter and then raised it up in front of her face.  He pressed a button and a little flash sparkled in her eyes and her mind swirled.

“You belong to Yuri.  Yuri is your owner.  You are an object that he may use, loan out, trade or sell as he sees fit.  You are property and have no will of your own.  You simply obey your owner.” Jim said in a confident, practiced voice.

The stars cleared from her vision and she let out a gasp as the words sunk in to her mind.  Then she blinked, remained perfectly still and waited for her own to command her.

“Come.” he said, wrapping an arm around her waist and stepping forward, her body following along, “You are expected at my brothel, several men have already booked time with you from the photo’s Jim sent over earlier.  You will please these men in any way they desire as long as they cause no lasting damage.  Understand?”

“Yes sir, I understand.” she responded, her owner had given her a purpose and she couldn’t wait to fulfill it to the best of her ability.