A New Toy

Josie was so confused when she reached for her door knob. She didn’t remember the walk from the shop home at all. Last thing she could remember was talking to the girl behind the counter, Dolly.

She’d went in to get a new toy, one she could use in the tub without fear of getting electrocuted. Dolly smiled, her Raven hair caressing her face, her dark almost black eyes a contrast for her porcelain skin and beautiful, full, dark lips. “I have the perfect toy in mind… Follow me into the back…” Dolly motioned for her to follow her to the back room, where she saw endless displays of life-sized sex dolls.

She remembered sitting on the chair, where Dolly asked her to, but the rest was a fog. She shook her head and sighed. “I really need to learn to relax more,” she said to herself sighing. She closed the door behind her and it began.She could feel it happening, just like Dolly said, as the conversation came back to her.

“You’re going to be so hot” Dolly had said. “So hot when you get home that you’re going to take off all your clothes.”

And she had! As soon as she closed the door, without thought or hesitation, she quickly slid out of her work uniform.

“You’re going to be so hot when you get home, and so you’re going to take off all your clothes. And then you’re going to look in the mirror.”

And she had! She didn’t know why she felt this need to look at herself naked.

“You’re going to look in the mirror, and when you see that naked girl staring back at you, you’re going to get so incredibly turned on.”

And she was! The girl in the mirror was so gorgeous, her body was so perfect!

“You’re going to be so incredibly turned on, and your going to be so very wet. You’re going to be so wet that you stop right there and start to touch yourself.”

And she was! She had already started to touch her dripping lips.

“You’re going to be so very wet that when you touch yourself, you won’t even be able to stand. You’re going to moan and cry as you slip down against the wall to the floor.”

And she did! Her fingers sent electric waves of pleasure through her entire body making her convulse with pure, unbridled pleasure!

“You’re going to moan and cry and touch yourself, falling to the floor in pleasure. And as you fall you’re going to feel it happen.”

And she did, she felt her thoughts, so lust filled and depraved as she worked herself into a dripping, quivering mess!

“You’re going to feel it happen, just like I’ve said, just like you’ve wanted, though you’ve never been willing to admit it. You’re going to feel it as your brain starts to melt, as your thoughts disappear… and you’re going to love it so much.”

And she did! She was in love with how empty her head felt as she frigged her mind away. Before long Dolly’s words were all she knew.

“You’re going to love it as your thoughts melt away, as your brain turns to hot liquid cum. You’re going to moan and cry and beg as you slide down the wall, melting away your mind into filthy wetness between your legs.”

And she did! She slid further down the wall, still furiously working herself closer and closer. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Her mouth wide open, as drool hung from her bottom lip.

“You’re going to beg and moan and cry as your hot little snatch fills to the brim with the filthy pussy juices that used to be your brain. You’re going to feel the pleasure and the ecstasy build and build as your drop closer to the floor, as you dribble out the last of your useless mind into your hot and horny cunt.”

And she did! She could feel release soooo close as the sweat pour from her body, her juices pooling on the floor.

"You’re going to feel the pleasure build, feel the pressure build, as you draw closer and closer to the floor, closer and closer to that last release. You’re going to beg and scream and howl in pleasure as that filthy cum builds more and more pressure. And then you’re going to cum…”

And she did! She screamed like a banshee as she exploded. Her body writhing in pure, unadulterated, mindless pleasure!

"You’re going to cum and moan and scream as all that pressure lets go, as all that filthy cum that used to bee your brain drips down through your hot little pussy. You’re going to drool and beg and moan in pleasure as your hot little cunt takes over and the last of your thoughts pours out between your legs!”

And she did! Her last conscious thought, but a single, simple word… Toy.

"Your hot and filthy cunt is going to be the only thing left of you that matters… the only thing telling you what to do. And then, when your hot and horny cunt is the only thing left to replace your filthy little mind… You’re going to be mine.”

And she was! She stood robotlike once her body allowed. Her hand reached into her purse and picked up her phone. Tapping on the screen she dialed a number, placing the phone to her ear. A soft voice that was sweeter to her ears than the fluffiest cotton candy answered, "Dolly’s Adult Toy Emporium, where we never forget to play with our toys. This is Dolly, how may I help you?”

Josie replied, in a soft whisper, “Your new toy is ready for pickup. 632 South Tryon St.”, and hung up. She stood there motionless, a blank stare in her eyes, until she heard the special knock.

To be continued…