Rosaline watched patently as her Master reprogrammed her daughter. She could ‘see’ residual images of the thoughts he was pushing into her. He was giving her an oral fixation. She was becoming obsessed with giving Him head.

After a couple of minutes, He released His grip on her mind and she moaned as her mouth slid down His dick, eagerly sucking and slurping the shaft.

“Her mind is so easy to mold.” He said finally.

“We’re so weak, Master.” Rosaline said, squeezing her daughter’s shoulders. “We have no will. We’re so eager to serve our Master!”

“She’s definitely her mother’s daughter. You’re both nymphs even without me doing anything.”

“Yes, Master. And now we’re Your nymphs!” Rosaline said, almost squealing in delight.

He looked up and pushed more thoughts into Rosaline’s head. Her eyes widened as new thoughts and ideas flashed into her receptive mind. Some time later, His onslaught ceased and she felt her mind ‘click’ back into place again. 

Suddenly she knew what she needed to do. Reaching down, she began tearing her daughter’s clothes off. She couldn’t wait.