“Look at it this way,” he said to the figure strapped to the chair, “for some people, going into a trance, or being brainwashed, is about the descent. For some, it’s about losing yourself. For some, it’s about going deeper and deeper and losing touch with the conscious world around you, until your will is so far away that it can’t save you from the words that are entering into your ears and rewriting your thoughts, your life, your programming, until you learn to like what I tell you to like, and hate what I tell you to hate, and thank me for doing that and beg me for more.”

He paused, and saw the vacant expression on his subject’s face.

“For everyone else,” he continued, “it’s about ascending away from the form you used to have, away from the old mindset; it’s about breaking free to new callings and new destinies and listening to and accepting the words that I give you as a new moral and ethical code that will give you new meanings and new vistas. It’s about soaring so far above where you used to be that everything you were is just a spec on the ground below, with no lingering impact on the person you are now.”

He smirked at the tiny bit of drool that slipped down the subject’s open-hanging mouth.

“I wonder….Which one are you?”


Id Rising