Knees Weak, Arms Heavy


(F-sub, ambiguous dominant, hypno, D/S, hypnotic language, first-person perspective)

She looks bored. How should I approach this?

This is awkward…

The café was fun. We talked shop and fantasies, had a little tease when I swirled my finger before her eyes. We’d agreed to meet in public before going back to her place, and she said she was open to the idea of me trancing her, but…

What does she want now? She’s just sitting cross-legged on the bed…

“Hey, so,” fuckfuckfuck there’s got to be something I can do-”…do you want to try something, real quick?”

Her eyes perked up at that, but she looks a little nervous…ah, yup, there’s that everything-is-fine-smile. “What kind of thing?” 

“Well, first off,” Okay, let’s shift the situation.”Stand up, please.” Is ‘please’ not dommy enough…? Fuck it. Let’s just ease into the d/s, don’t have to all gung-ho from the get-go.

Outstretch my hand…wait for her to take it…okay! Now I just have to-

“What are we doing?”

…Explain what I’m doing, yes.

“Well, I was thinking of doing my own personal handshake induction.” Wait, what did I just sa- “I’m sure you’ve seen one before. Ever been curious about how it works?”

Take the bait…take the bait…

“Oh, yeah! I see those on Youtube all the time! How does it work?”

Okay, I’ve never actually done one before, improvise time! “Well,” Wait. Consent! “If you’d be fine with me demonstrating…?”

There’s a nod. Let’s go.

Okay, shake the hand…”Really, the handshake induction is quite simple.” Look into her eyes, “You first want to have the person really focused on several things at once. My eyes, my voice, the motions of your hand as it sways back and forth, to and fro…”

I’ve got her focused, now the clincher…how is this supposed to work, again? Do I just pull and say ‘SLEEP’? Seems boring. “Focus on just the motion, now. Every single part of you gazing down upon your hand…”

“Your mind focused entirely on how…” I need a trancy word…heavy your hand is feeling right now, as my hand holds you up.”

Was…that a buckle? I can feel her weight shifting onto me…is she-

She’s blinking. She’s looking down. Her knees are definitely buckling.

Fuck yes, press the advantage. “Heavier, and heavier…my hand now the only thing holding your hand up, propping your body up, keeping your mind up.” Okay, let’s sway that hand down lower…

Blink. More weight. Almost there…

“So wherever it goes, you go, and the moment it’s gone, you’ll be…”

Pull her hand down.

“On your knees.”

on my knees

hand on my chin

so heavy

look up

eyes are pretty

blink, blink, blink

hand on my head…?

“Sleep, sweetie.”




where i belong



fuck yes