“Dictionary” story prompt from hypnotic-surrender

Lexi sighed in resignation and reached for her coffee. The big physics final was tomorrow and she felt ill prepared. Sure, she had excelled all semester, but this exam was 50% of the class grade. She had to ace this fucker. 

In the quiet of the study room reserved weeks ago, she cracked open her tome of a textbook and plugged in her headphones, ready to enter cram mode. Her classmate, Mark, had recently fixed her iPod when it suddenly went “sad Mac” on her. It was a pleasant change of pace for Lexi. Being the only woman in the Engineering program, not mention top of the class, was taxing and friendless. Mark refused any payment she offered, but accepted an invite to study together for the final. It was the least she could do, really. The poor guy was really struggling with this class. He just seemed so…distracted.

She tapped around and queued up the podcast Mark had added for her. “It’s very Night Vale-esque,” he had said. She’d smiled and nodded, having no idea what he meant. Scholarly pursuits had put keeping up with pop culture fads on the back burner.

Still, she gave it a listen, and felt it made her more mundane tasks like running on the treadmill, trekking across campus and color coding her notes more tolerable. The intro music was a perfect blend of creepy and dreamy and the “radio host” had a nice, smooth as silk voice. “Welcome, listener. The pleasure is all mine,” was the catchphrase at the beginning of each episode. Lexi never caught the end of an episode, but she really enjoyed that intro.

The bell of the clock tower tolled across campus. She checked her phone; no missed calls or texts. Mark was either late or not coming at all. Lexi wasn’t really surprised, and proceeded to play what she had only just realized was the last episode of the podcast. She resolved to forgive Mark’s transgression if he’d let her know when the next episode was avaliable. At least this was a super sized episode…over two hours long. That’ll suffice, she thought.

Closing her eyes and stretching, she listened as the radio guy dropped his line about pleasure. She scoffed at the notion. Who had time for pleasure? Hell, she couldn’t even recall the last time she had masturbated. Life consisted of mainly three things: eating, sleeping and studying.

She opened her eyes and looked down at her book and found that it was covered by the magazine she’d bought on a whim earlier that day. It was open to some cheesy article about 5011 Ways to Please a Man or something. Huh. She didn’t recall getting out the magazine, let alone flipping through the pages. She skimmed over the “tips”…pretty average stuff; hand jobs, blow jobs. 

Hmm. Lexi thought back to the last time she’d had a dick in her mouth. The summer after freshman year. She had just broken up with her high school boyfriend. The long distance thing just wasn’t working out, and there was no way she was giving him break up sex since she was pretty sure he had poked holes in the condom. He was small, but he ejaculated like a geyser, his semen hot on the back of her throat. She wondered what Mark’s penis looked like…

Whoa. Whoa. That was out of left field! What the hell! She shook her head and threw the magazine aside. She needed to focus. Man, it was hot in here! She took off her hoodie and gulped some more coffee. Focus, damnit!

She went back to her reading. The radio guy once again dropped his line. “The pleasure is all mine.” Confused, she looked at her iPod…was it fucking up again? Nope…nearly 45 minutes had passed.

With her palm pressed to her face, she turned back to the text. Everything was running together and nothing made sense. What did these words mean? She must have hit a study wall or something. Frustrated, she pulled out her dictionary and began looking up words, but certain ones kept popping out at her…

“The pleasure is mine.”

Anal, breast, collar, dominance, submission. Lexi heard her breathing quicken as she read each word. Masochism, sadism, obedience. She felt her hand go into her pants, pushing aside her panties…

She bolted up straight in her chair. What was she doing? She needed to study. This was a public place, for fucks sakes! Anybody could walk in! Mark could walk in…

“The pleasure is mine.”

…and see her playing with herself like some naughty, horny little slut…wait, what? No…what was going…

“The pleasure is mine.”

…yes. She hoped he’d walk in. Maybe he’d like what he saw. Maybe he’d fuck her right…GET IT TOGETHER!

“The pleasure is mine.”

The phrase kept repeating, and Lexi gave in to the fog thickening in her confused mind. She didn’t care about studying, grades or exams. All that mattered was pleasure. Confusion gave way to arousal and she moaned as her fingers pumped in and out of her pussy. 

The headphones had long fallen out of her ears, but Lexi still heard a variation of the phrase repeating in a completely different voice. She realized the voice was her own.

“The pleasure is yours.”

She came hard and slumped down to the floor, fingers still working like pistons…

Mark entered the study room. Two hours late, yes. But judging from Lexi’s current state on the floor, fingering herself and writhing in her own juices, he was right on time.

It was a coincidence that he overhear some guys bitching about Lexi’s smarts a few weeks ago. And while his major was engineering, his passion veered more towards sounds than mechanics. Plus he had a panache for hypnosis and an evil streak about a mile wide.

After a tame demonstration (one of the guys was still clucking like a chicken whenever the bells rang) and a nice cash payment, Mark spent a long, sleepless weekend tailoring his files specifically for Lexi. As he gazed upon the fruits of his labors, a smile crept along his face. The pay off was going to be in spades.

“Lexi,” he said, unzipping his pants and pulling out his erection, “the pleasure is mine.”

Lexi’s head turned towards the figure in the doorway. A switch seemed to flip inside her as she abandoned her self love and proceeded to crawl towards Mark, a carnal hunger in her eyes.

“The pleasure is yours…”