She put on the recording and leaned back in her chair, letting a dreamy smile cross her face as she put one leg up and let the other sit firmly on the floor. She didn’t really know if this would work, but she had to admit that just the thought of it had been the center of her sexual fantasies almost since the moment she found it–an actual recording that hypnotized the listener and put them into a suggestible state, complete with secret suggestions. She couldn’t wait.

It didn’t take long for the voice to begin speaking in low, firm tones to her. “Just let yourself relax, close your eyes and imagine that my voice is speaking directly to your unconscious mind. Everyone has a conscious and an unconscious mind; one part of their brain that narrates your thoughts and actions, and another, much larger part that contains your awareness of the world around you. These two parts of your mind process information in a different way. Right now, your conscious mind can simply enjoy thinking about peace and pleasure and relaxation, while I talk to the rest of you about… other things.”

This wasn’t the kind of hypnosis she’d daydreamed about–she imagined a man with piercing eyes and a commanding voice telling her to sleep. But somehow the measured, calm information delivered in those soothing tones made it even hotter–it wasn’t just a fantasy of control, it was the real thing. She allowed her eyes to slip shut and her fingers to drift gently down between her thighs. If she was going to think about pleasure, she decided, she knew exactly what kind of pleasure she wanted.

“And you might have to practice a little,” the voice continued, “before you can really teach your waking self to stop listening, stop thinking and simply float in drowsy bliss while you listen to my words and go deeper. That’s okay. You’re going to get plenty or practice. You’re going to remind your waking self every day how good this feels, when you’re all alone and you have time to listen to my voice, until your conscious mind associates my voice and my words with deep, powerful, intimate pleasure.” Those words stuck out to her for some reason. ‘Deep, powerful, intimate pleasure.’ She squeezed her thighs around her fingers and whimpered, enjoying the way they felt in her head.

“Don’t worry. The better you feel, the more you listen, the easier it will be for you to train your conscious mind to stop listening completely so that your unconscious can hear and obey. It’s okay if you wind up wanting to obey the suggestions in this recording. Your waking mind is going to hear them less and less, think about them less and less, and your deep self isn’t really good at critical thinking. Your deep self wants to be guided. Normally it’s your waking mind that does that guiding, but your waking mind is occupied with pleasure right now. So you can just listen to me and let me tell you what to do. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

“Uh huh,” she whimpered, already enjoying the tiny bit of uncertainty in the back of her head as to exactly what she was agreeing to. It felt so hot just knowing that she was masturbating while being hypnotized, giving in to the will of a stranger and letting their words carry her into a mindless, obedient trance–it was fantasy made reality, and she loved every minute of it. Even if it probably wouldn’t really work, she already knew she’d listen to it over and over and over again, and enjoy the deep, powerful, intimate pleasure of surrender.

“That’s it,” the voice said, as if the recording knew how she was going to respond. “Just relax more, think less, feel better, and obey me.” There was more, she knew there was more… but the more she tried to think about it, the easier it became to simply play with herself and let the words slip away. She could always listen again if she needed to know what it said. In fact, she thought to herself, she had a whole afternoon set aside to do exactly that. Her fingers rubbed at her clit, letting the words drift into her ears and losing herself in the pleasure once more.

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