The implant


When Eden first heard about her close friend Diana’s new implant she was utterly shocked.

“You actually got one of those sensitivity implants for your…you know where? What the fuck Diana seriously?” She blurted out incredulously.

“Yeah E, and I’m so glad I did it! It’s totally reinvigorated my sex drive and Simon loves it! You would not believe how much better it feels now…” Diana started before Eden cut her off.

“But wasn’t it scary getting it put in? And is it even safe? Wasn’t it expensive?” She interrogated her friend curiously.

“Nu-uh, it was surprisingly quick and easy. Didn’t feel a thing and I was super comfortable. And it started working immediately. My sensitivity grew so much, like within an hour I was dripping. I jumped Simon as soon as we got home. Honestly even before we got married our sex life wasn’t this good. Stop worrying, it’s totally safe and even better, 100% free! It’s meant to be some kind of new government program to prevent the spread of STDs or something…oh yeah I didn’t even mention, it totally stops STDs!” Diana ranted excitedly.

“That sounds way too good to be true Diana. There’s gotta be a catch…” Eden responded pessimistically.

“For real E, just try it. I’m actually feeling sorry for you right now that you don’t know how amazing it is.”

The conversation hung in Eden’s mind that night and she found herself online looking for more information on this apparent miracle implant that prevents disease and provides incredible pleasure. Despite her initial impressions and general pessimism, everything she found only made the prospect seem more appealing. All she saw online were satisfied women praising how this implant had reinvigorated them and drastically improved their sex life. Plus it was free!

Eden was convinced. Her skepticism couldn’t argue with the benefits and her good friends testimony and she scheduled an appointment the same week to get the implant put in.

Initially she was nervous but just as Diana had told her, the process was quick and simple. As she was leaving the surgery she gasped quietly as she began to feel the heat emanating from her crotch all of a sudden. It was more intense than she had expected. Was this how it would feel all the time? As she drove home her pussy only grew slicker and needier. Eden could already see a problem with her new implant…how could she concentrate on anything if she felt this wet?

Once she got home her day became a blur of sweat and moans. Her complaints about the implant had been silenced by the sensations as her fingers glided over her dribbling sex in a way she had never experienced before. It’s not like this was her first time masturbating but it certainly felt that way to Eden. Every touch made her shiver and she couldn’t stop cumming. She went to bed exhausted, sticky and with a wide grin.

The next time she saw her friend Diana she was eager say thank you for introducing her to this marvellous little implant. However, as Eden walked into the bar where they were meeting, she was shocked to see Diana flirting with some random guy.

“Wtf Diana, what would Simon say if her saw this?” She exclaimed in confusion.

“Cmon E, Simon knows I’ve been with other guys. He just wasn’t satisfying me, he only has himself to blame.” She retorted.

“I can’t believe this! You’ve always been faithful to him…is this to do with that implant you got?” Eden yelled.

“So what if it is, I’m much happier now. It’s absolutely amazing Eden you sooo have to try it.” Diana responded.

As Diana spoke, Eden’s eyes drifted to the stranger who was sitting beside Diana and apparently just watching the argument unfold in bemusement. As angry as she was with her friend, Eden could see the appeal. This was a pretty handsome guy, well dressed with great hair and strong looking shoulders…Eden wondered what it would be like if those arms were just wrapped around her…pulling her in by the hips until she was grinding against his hips. Rugged hands firmly gripping her rear, hot breath on her neck…

“Omg you do have the implant don’t you!” Diana shouted happily.

“Uh yeah, how did you know?” Eden stammered, startled.

“Well you look just about ready to pounce on Matt here and I can see the wet spot forming in your panties as we speak E.”

Eden blushed and looked away from Matt swiftly, glaring at her friend angrily for embarrassing her in front of the cute guy.

“You’re a hot and single, you must be having loads of fun with the implant!” Diana said with a smirk.

“Actually I only got it the other day and I haven’t used it…with a partner yet.” Eden said quietly, still keeping her eyes fixed in the opposite direction from Matt.

“Oh my god! Are you serious! You have to try it! It’s like it was made for cock! Seriously you will lose your fucking mind! I didn’t realise…you must be so fucking horny! Hey, I bet Matt would help you out.” Diana suggested.

“Idk about that I don’t really know him and I don’t usually take home guys I’ve just met, no offence Matt.” Eden said shyly.

“Girl, you need this. Seriously, just have a little fun for once. You know you need this. It’s such a waste to get the implant and not even use it on a nice fat cock…” Diana argued.

Eden was breathing heavily as the arousal slowly got to her. Masturbating last night had been simply insane. Could a cock really be better? Glancing at Matt, her pussy throbbed and she felt like she was drooling. Diana got up and pushed Eden towards him and her head spun as she stumbled forward into his embrace. Smelling his masculine scent and feeling his big hands on her arms…she couldn’t argue any longer.

They were back at his place within an hour and from there they wasted no time. As soon as his hot cock slid inside Eden she understood that masturbation was meaningless. This was the true power of the implant! Her pussy burned with pleasure and everything went hazy as she was fucked into a drunken stooped of bliss. She didn’t cum right away, despite constantly feeling like she was being pushed over the edge and a single thrust would make her explode. Instead the sensations built and built until she could no longer speak, only groan and scream wildly as her tight slit was remodelled by this throbbing cock.

When she finally did cum she blacked out from the pleasure. Waking up a couple of hours later in bed with Matt, his arms wrapped around her as he slept. Cum dribbled down her legs. She looked at Matt with wide eyes, remembering how fantastic the sex had been…then she felt her pussy twitch as she needed more. She woke Matt up for another round and he was happy to indulge her.

So far for Eden, she couldn’t complain about her implant. She was buzzing with positive energy as she went to work in the morning. She couldn’t wait to finish so she could call Matt and see him again. Dian was so right about dick and the implant. They went together perfectly. Maybe it was a bit slutty to fuck some guy she didn’t know but if being a little slutty meant feeling that hot cock inside her then she didn’t really mind.

Of course, as afternoon approached Eden grew needy. She couldn’t get that mind blowing sex off her mind and it was affecting her work. Her crotch dampened and before she knew it she was subconsciously grinding her hips and reaching down whenever no one was looking her way to rub her finger gently into her panties and grunt softly as she did.

Before long masturbating at work became a normal thing for Eden. Initially she was embarrassed and terrified of getting caught. She snook around and did her best to stay quiet in the bathroom in case someone came in and heard her. Yet the constant need wore her down. Her urges became more intense and her hands more frantic. Stifled moans were harder and harder to hide as her finger dug deeper and her hole spasmed harder. Even outside the bathroom she dripped and groaned uncontrollably, eying her coworkers, especially her boss and wondering how their cocks compared to Matt’s.

Inevitably she was caught with his hand buried in her panties and soaking wet as she masturbated in front of her boss. He wasn’t as into it and promptly fired Eden. As she was walking home in shame, struggling to get her mind off her aching slit, she bumped into Diana wearing possibly the most revealing outfit Eden had ever seen.

“Omg you look so down E, what happened?” Diana asked sympathetically.

“I lost my job. It’s the fucking implant…I can’t believe what it’s been doing to me lately.” Eden sobbed. “But…what the hell happened to you? That outfit…”

“Oh this? It’s for my new job. You know Jack’s gentleman club?” Diana asked.

“Isn’t that a strip club?” Eden asked in disgust.

“Yeah but they also let you fuck the guys in the back and they even pay extra for it! It’s awesome!” Diana giggled excitedly.

“I can’t fucking believe you Diana…the implant…it’s totally changed you. You’ve become some kind of messed up slut. It’s not you…” Eden yelled.

Suddenly Diana reached forward and stuck her hand down Eden’s panties, messily swirling her fingers around her soft pink flesh until Eden was moaning and her knees weakened.

“Don’t pretend like you’re different Eden. You know the pleasure of the implant. You know what it’s like to have a cock fill you up. There’s no going back. Seriously, if you could remove it, would you?” Diana asked, hand still working away in Eden’s eager slit.

The questioned rolled around Eden’s mind as it drifted back to the pure pleasure of Matt’s cock thrusting and pulsating inside her. The answer was clear. She hated being like this. Hated being a slut. Hated how she acted recently…but she could never imagine getting the implant removed.

“No. I couldn’t do it. It’s too good!” She groaned as her hips grinded on her friends hand.

“What’s too good honey? What does your little drippy hole need?” Diana cooed.

“C-cock!” Eden gasped, practical drooling for it.

“Come to the club with me. There’s plenty of cock there. I know you liked your old life, but you have the implant now. This is where you belong. Where all of us implant whores belong. Don’t you get it, we’ve been turned into cocksockets. We can’t control ourselves. We can’t be anything but nasty little cum filled sluts now. Just embrace it.” Diana explained, thrusting her fingers hard into her dazed and grunting friend.

As she came around Diana’s hand, Eden could only think of cock. How many cocks would she get at the club? It was true, she was just a desperate cocksocket now. Time to follow Diana to her new life.