From Chrystal Heights hotspot The Zone:

Diane Danger was well-known for her heightened physical abilities. It was also well-known that Diane Danger liked to use her abilities to her advantage on the wrong side of the law. As bad guys go, she wasn’t a major player, but to Americana Girl’s way of thinking, she would do until the real thing came along.

Ms. Americana was out of town attending a conference, so as her sidekick, Americana Girl was holding down the fort. Of course, with everything being so quiet at the moment, Americana Girl was bored stiff. She was Americana Girl! She should be out facing the forces of evil!

Then she remembered a tip that had come in earlier. Someone had mentioned they had seen Diane Danger at The Zone, the Chrystal Heights hotspot. Americana Girl perked up. Diane Danger had little power to speak. Certainly nothing Americana Girl couldn’t handle. Ms. Americana had told her not to engage with any bad guys while she was gone, but Diane Danger was, technically speaking, a bad girl, not a bad guy. Granted, that was just semantics, but Ms. Americana could hardly complain if Diane Danger was behind bars. Or at least on probation.

Americana Girl strolled past the Zone doorman, who rolled his eyes and shook his head. Once inside, she glanced around, looking for Diane Danger. Not spotting her anywhere, Americana Girl strolled to the bar.

“Excuse me,” she said to the bartender. “I”m looking for Diane Danger.”

The bartender’s eyebrows rose. “Yeah? So?”

Americana Girl gave him a flat stare. “So have you seen her?”

The bartender sighed. “No, I haven’t,” he said, “but my shift just started. Why don’t you check with her brother Darryl?”

This time it was Americana Girl’s eyebrows that rose. “Brother?”

“Yeah,” said the bar man, with exaggerated patience. “Darryl Danger, her brother. The tall guy right over there.”

Americana Girl spotted the blond-haired man. She nodded her thanks to the bartender and made her way to an out-of-the-way table. She sat and watched Darryl as a plan formed in her mind.

No doubt that Darryl was helping his sister Diane. All Americana Girl had to do was wait and follow him when he left. It was a simple plan, but effective. All she had to do was wait.

It was perhaps an hour before Darryl set down his empty glass and nodded a farewell to the bartender. Then he walked out the front door.

Americana Girl followed him, staying out of sight. Darryl walked down the block, then turned the corner. Americana Girl hurried after him. 

She nearly lost him when he ducked into an alley. She got to the mouth of the alley just in time to see a door close behind him.

Americana Girl hurried down the alley and quietly opened the door. She walked down the dark hallway until she saw a partially opened door with a light on in side the room. She walked to the doorway and glanced in.

The room was clean, but empty. There was a light green mat on the floor and billowy curtains covering the windows, but the room was otherwise bare. 

Then the door slammed, causing Americana Girl to jump. She whirled around.

Darryl Danger stood by the now-closed door. He was staring at Americana Girl, a bemused look on his face. 

“Why are you following me?” he said.

American Girl put her hands on her hips and thrust out her small chest. “I am Americana Girl and I’m looking for your sister, Diane. Where is she?”

Darryl laughed.

Americana Girl narrowed her eyes. “I’m serious. Don’t make me get rough with you. Tell me where she is and we can go our separate ways.”

Darryl stepped closer to Americana Girl until he was close enough for her to see the color of his eyes. Blue.

Dark blond hair. Deep blue eyes. Broad shoulders. Thick pecs. And he smelled so good. Masculine.

Darryl smiled. “You were saying something about getting rough with me?”

Damn. Those pecs. Solid. What looked to be a washboard stomach, too. Americana Girl breathed in deeply. He smelled so good. So powerful. 

She reached out a hand and slid it under his t-shirt. She let her fingers slide over his abs. They were practically carved into his belly. 

Americana Girl tried to focus. But she was so, so wet now.

Darryl’s hand reached out to stroke over her hair. “You’re not too familiar with Alphas, are you, cutie?”

Americana Girl couldn’t answer. Her nipples were rock-hard. She was pressing her thighs together, but it wasn’t helping. She could smell him. His scent filled her lungs. Her fingers hovered over his belt buckle.

The weight of Darryl’s hand was suddenly pushing Americana Girl to her knees. She lacked the strength in her knees to resist. It took her a few moments to realize belatedly that she was naked, now wearing only her mask.

And her mask was only inches away from Darryl Danger’s cock.

Darryl chuckled as one of Americana Girl’s hands weighed his heavy Alpha sack. “And now you get to find out what it’s like to blow an Alpha, cutie. Oh, yes.”


The sound of Ms. Americana’s laughter echoed throughout their small HQ.

“Five times?!” said Ms. Americana. “He made you blow him five times?!”

Americana Girl’s face was bright red beneath her mask. “Yes. I couldn’t stop. He…he never got soft, dammit!”

Ms. Americana was still laughing. “Of course he didn’t! He’s an Alpha. That’s what Alphas do.”

“And he came a lot,” said Americana Girl. “I mean…A LOT! Every time! And I had to swallow every drop!”

Tears streamed down Ms. Americana’s cheeks as she tried to control her laughter. “Of course he did. Alphas ejaculate 5 to 10 times as much semen as a typical man. Giving him five blowjobs was the equivalent of blowing over twenty guys. Your digestive system is going to be a mess for a couple days, sweetie. You might need to add a diaper to your outfit.”

Americana Girl’s eyes widened. “That’s not funny! I coudln’t help it! I just-”

And suddenly her eyes widened even more as she inadvertently released a loud burp. Americana Girl clapped a hand over her mouth, but it was too late. Ms. Americana burst out laughing again.